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Thread: Exams - how are people doing?

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    Default Exams - how are people doing?

    Hi everone. Thought Id start a thread 1- to wish everybody good luck if they're doing any exams at the mo, and 2 - for people to post how they're getting on.

    Me, well Im doing my GCSEs right now (UK end of school (age 16) exams) . Only have 1 left actually , YEY YEY YEY . Havn't gone too bad so far ,though, been one or two horrid ones.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    Well as my science teacher in secondary school said:
    "I'm not going to wish you good luck, because if you've worked hard you won't need it, and if you haven't worked hard you don't deserve it!"

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    Programing exam this Tuesday. *Yawn.*

    Gonna be Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy. <3

    College exams are so much more fun than ones in high school.


    And then I went to college. College rocks. Alot.

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    Finished exams 2 days ago.

    Being quite the literary person, my promotionary exam grades probably look like this (out of /20)

    Religious Education : 20

    English Literature : 20

    Greek Literatutre : 17

    Greek Grammar : 18

    Ancient Greek : 16

    Psycology : 17

    History : 19

    Algebra : 11

    Psysics : 12

    Chem : 10 (Absoloute pass!)

    Geometry : 19 (Yes! I am good at this lesson, cause I can kind of ''see'' everything and ergo, figure it out well)

    I know how I wrote because I compared the answer with other people... But lets wait for the results...
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    My final Exams were like 2 weeks ago and I got C's on all of them! YAY for being totally average!

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    I got high A's on five of my exams, I think the lowest was a 97 and I also had a 100 and a 105.

    On the other two, I probably would have done just as well... if I had been able to finish them. I'm a slow worker, and honestly, I have no idea how people were able to finish those exams in only two hours; they were really, really long. I have the knowledge, but I can't manage to go fast enough. I'm slow, steady and thorough. And I was really angry when I wasn't allowed to finish my exams.

    On those two I got an 83 and an 89, but at least I managed to keep my overall grade in both of those classes above 95, so I still got my 4.00 in all classes.

    EDIT: I had my exams about two weeks ago.

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    Wow, my finals were back at the beginning of May . But, I made A's on both of them (or at least in the courses).

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    Yeah, mine were a while ago. I did decent on them. C on Math and C+ Chem, but whatever, got an A on Theology and Classic Civ, and B+ in Spanish.

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    I've had some exams, they went all right. I'm not complaining. I don't know my exact grades and can't be bothered to look them up right now. Most of them are at the top of the scale though.

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