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Thread: REINTRO: who's this Raccoon fella?

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    Default REINTRO: who's this Raccoon fella?

    Well, without a "greatest hits" collection to portray me, I realized a high postcount could actually impede knowing me... as posts often best show a person in real time, not as a body of work.

    So I re-re-introduce myself:

    I am an intermittent Raccoon: here today, but can't guarantee tomorrow... apt to disappear without notice, sometimes ages on end; but I am always here in spirit.

    I am oldfur, diaperfur, dl (not ab,) fiscal conservative, social liberal (very) and my dating life is irrelevant to this site. I like words, and the world of ideas; spent most of my life hardcore into science fiction though today Charlie Rose, West Wing, and long-winded dramas are more my style... and business news.

    As the fourth Dr. Who (Tom Baker) said in The Five Doctors:" "I'm not the men I used to be."

    Much of my humor is plays on words; I laugh at my own jokes yet I disbelieve my own press. (A good joke is just as good whether I made it or not.) I like symmetry and irony. I am flippant and irreverent... yet I honor what others take seriously.

    Religously, my own faith I made up: I call myself "Raccoon Orthodox" - which basically says I get to be religious just because it makes me feel good. I pray but care not a whit if I might as well be praying to a milkjug. I pray for our single gay brethren to find boyfriends: on the grounds that 1. it might work (has so far) and 2. It is a good line to bounce off Mormon missionaries should my standard banishing spell fail.

    I am and probably will always be wordy, but am trying to reign it in. LOOK!

    (Big thanks to Moo for his encouraging these efforts.)

    I support Adisc's mission of support, which I believe comes down to knowing yourself and being happy in your own skin: which means being confident in your understanding of the world... and if that means being atheist or agnostic or religious - if that works for you - so mote it be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by h3g3l View Post
    tl; dr.

    And that is who this raccoon person is.
    am not; did so

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    Hello there Mr. Racoon.

    I've read some of your posts over the past several months. From what I've seen, you often give thoughtful advice; and I like your humor. I can see why you've earned a good reputation. As a newbie, I can confirm that you're right: the rep system and post numbers of established members can seem intimidating. It is reassuring to see one post information about himself in an effort to reach-out.

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    I've only been on here about a month so I can't say I've seen every great post you've made, but all of the ones that I have seen are really insightful. Normally I don't like reading lengthy posts but yours are always really nice to read and they help me to set a higher standard for my own posts. The rep system doesn't really intimidate me nor does it define every user I see with it, but you deserve all of yours in my book.

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    Well thanks both of you; one of the great things about rep on this site is that great care is taken to see that it is deserved. I think my total is a bit too much based on good old stuff I did and I think rep should "age out" disappear at some age, say a year, so we don't rest on out laurels; but I lobbied for that, the idea got turned down... But one great thing about this site is I am confident ideas, even rejected ones are kept on file and not forgotten by Moo; so once I have said my piece I try to trust I needn't say it again.

    And now I am going to try to condense the reintro down to its core. Ironic that my reintro was based on people shying away from too many words and there I go, with the too many words...
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