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Thread: Last day of School - MAYHEM.

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    Default Last day of School - MAYHEM.

    7th period. 15 minute off-the-walls food fight. 10 minutes after it cools off a bit, second food fight. Then, as they're locking up the cafeteria, fire alarm rings. Come back inside 10 minutes later, and 5 minutes from there a second fire alarm rings -- except this time they actually tried to set the school on fire.

    So we're sitting outside for 15 minutes... then we see a bunch of thugs in bandanas and white shirts... yeah, we keep our distance and go down the road with everyone else... then all of a sudden, we see the cops who were sent there from the first alarm go crazy, and kids running down blocks screaming. then BLAT BLAT. two gunshots. MS13 and Blood heading it out...

    We thought it was Armageddon for gods sake. Me and 3 friends ended up running for our lives and heading towards my house in the opposite direction of the insanity. We got home all safe... but, meh, who knows WTF happened afterwords.

    So, yeah, had a great Friday the 13th today -.-'

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    Only in America!

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    Check out this video a friend of mine took... it's insanity, dude, insanity...


    And the worst part? 8th and 9th period never happened. So, now people gotta come on monday so that they can make up the finals that just... well, never took place. So yeah, people aren't happy about that. Myself included.

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    I don't know if I believe about the cops shooting guys in front of the school BUT...crazy video. I take it this is an inner city school from all of the Black people that are around. My one question is WHERE ARE ALL THE TEACHERS WHILE THIS IS HAPPENING???

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    cops shooting guys? No, the gangs were the ones with the guns.

    Nice bit of racism there =X. Yikes, little harsh lol. Besides, not trying to be ignorant, but there's way more spanish people here than African-Americans.

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    Looks like my school, except less guns. And none of the spanyards speak English.
    Oh but we got bobms and stuff. The Tuesday after memorial day: a death threat towards our assistant principle was found spraypainted on the floor of the school cafè. No school!

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