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Thread: Just incase someone might have cared....

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    Default Just incase someone might have cared....

    If you have not noticed, I have posted in over a week, and have rarely been on. Well I have decided to cut all ties here mainly because I can't take the disrespect I get here on top of the mountain of problems I already have. This place just brings me more stress and sadness than I already have, when it used to help take it away. So I will be setting my account to delete before the end of the day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    Good luck with whatever you choose to do, Eclipse.
    Thanks but unfortauntly i was not delt many choices in life.

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    I'm sorry to hear of your decision. I hoped you would work through this as I think you both get from and give back to the community. It's your choice for whom you wish to associate, though. Best wishes to you in the future, and if you change your mind, ADISC will still be here.

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    Ok, this is 'maybe' not going to come off as mean, but it surely will come off as mean. Does that make sense? I have to say, the drama level on this forum is really irking me. People are getting way too built up over stupid shit that they don't take this place for what it is. I am going to start this off by saying that this post is probably pointless, no, not because Point Blanch has not posted yet, but because people will disregard it as 'FullMetal BS.' In any case, lets begin:

    Well I have decided to cut all ties here mainly because I can't take the disrespect I get
    What the hell are you even talking about? Are we still on the issue of that stupid thread where you were scared about your IP getting tagged as a pedo, or did I miss a big portion of you being kicked and beaten? Anyway, by god, shut up. You think that was disrespect? When we were being completely honest with you and telling you exactly what you needed to hear? Let me spell something out for you: GET OVER YOURSELF. I am not going to bend over backwards for you to feel better over the fact that you can not take the truth, I am so sorry, but it is NOT happening.

    You have to realize when you are wrong and fess up to it. Don't hide behind "Oh, if I do something bad, you guys should be A-OK with it because we are the same" bullshit. I don't play that way. If you do something wrong, I will call you out on it, and so will most. If you can not handle that, then yes, by all means, you have the right to leave, because we are not going to lie to make you fell better, sorry.

    on top of the mountain of problems I already have
    I am really sorry, I forgot, you are the only one with problems. Shit, I forgot to feel bad for you today, gimme a second, i am sure I can think of something heartfelt to say.

    Wait, sorry, I don't play that game either. God, there are so many games going on, I can't keep up, but let me tell you my rules. If you would like to get something off your chest, I will listen. I am sure as hell not going to throw you a pity party, but I will listen and I will help you with whatever you need. If you keep everything inside and then tell me that I just don't understand what you are going through, yea, you are probably right. I have many talents, but reading someones mind, nope, I checked, it was not one of them.

    I will laugh with you, cry with you, hate, and love with you, but don't give me your bullshit "you don't get me. I have problems." because I am not dealing with that shit, sorry, once again.

    And then there was one:

    So I will be setting my account to delete before the end of the day.
    Someone slap me, because I am sure I did not just read another one of these pity-shit threads. I HATE these stupid threads. If you are going to leave, and have made up your mind, JUST GO. Don't fu*ken make us feel like we have wronged you in some way by being here. This is not only your site, nor is it mine, nor moo's, this site belongs to everyone and you are such a douchbag to accuse everyone here of doing you wrong.

    Once again, I am not going to beg you to stay, and I don't think that you wanted us to beg you, I KNOW that is what you wanted. If you just wanted to leave and be done with this site, you would have left, you wouldn't have said a word, and you would have NEVER waited this long or said "by the end of the day" BS. So stop jerking us around.

    All this thread does is cause unneeded drama. I am not coming to this site to give out my pity. I am not here to bed over for you and take it in the ass. I am here to support those who want to be supported and make an effort to help themselves as well.

    So, leave if you want. Don't leave if you want to stay. But never accuse ANYONE here that they owe you something that they have not provided you, because that is the most disgraceful thing I have ever seen. I hope you know how to apologize, because if you can't even do that now, then I don't know why you ever came here.

    Thank you for having us in your presence, I am sure someone will get down on their knees and beg you to stay, but that is not happening in this post.


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    As harsh as FM's thread was, I kind of agree with him. I'm sorry to hear that you were (maybe) having disagreements with members on here, or maybe going through a hard time IRL or whatever the reason, but this isn't a good idea. People always seem to start these threads for attention ('pity me' as FM called them) and all it ends up doing is making people annoyed because rather than trying to solve the problem or work with us, you would rather 'cut all ties'. That hurts, just to let you know.

    The best I can say in this situation is; if you want to leave that's fine, no one can stop you and it's your know what's best...but don't do this sort of thing and leave on bad terms, and *don't* delete your account because later on you may want to come back (moods/feelings/life changes, you can never predict what's going to happen).

    Hope everything does work out for you, and I guess I will reluctantly respect your decision to leave, if that's what ends up happening.

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    Thanks for making my example of why I am leaving so clear Full, but don't worry if it makes you feel any better it was not just you...have a nice day....

    Maybe people will open their eyes now.

    Wow full I really am glad you made that post because I feel like I don't have to explain why I am leaving now hahaha, you make this so easy dude!

    EDIT: I accussed no one of anything Full, in fact your post was very immature, and I will simply be the mature one I know I am and ignore it.

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    Eclipse, I hate to say it but I do agree with Fully. If you were going to leave you would have just done it.

    I just don't get how you can sit here and tell us how we all disrespected you, when you have posted pity-topics before and have had quite a few nice and supportive comments. Besides that, I haven't seen anyone blantanly disrespect you in any way on any part of the board.

    Open your eyes, and try to see the good in life, if you don't you are going to go no where. I pity you if all you are going to do is pay attention to the bad things in life all the time.

    As for your choices comment, you may not have been given many choices, but you were given them none the less. Take them and make something out of it instead of crying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FullMetal View Post
    And I don't see any deletion so all you are doing is naming blame, good job.
    I did not name blame anyone, until you poped your head in here. So don't accuse me of stuff I did not do, or anyone for that fact, didn't your mother teach you thats not nice? haha

    Edit: Kay well enough is enough I am deleting my account now.

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