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Thread: I am new as a caregiver and need advice...

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    Default I am new as a caregiver and need advice...

    I just recently met the most amazing guy, who is also what is often reffered as a sizzy baby. At first, I didn't care much for his fantasy, but then he slowly seduced me into it and I just love it: taking care of him, bathing him, dressing him, breatsfeeding him, playing with him while I do these things

    I would really appreciate any guidence and advice on this subject.


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    Although I don't know much about you or your partner (this being your first post, it's traditional, at least, to introduce yourself in the greetings forum first), I will tell you about the stereotyped stuff that may be of use or may be of complete non-relevance to you, if I knew more I might get a closer aproximation to your situation.

    As far an I can tell about the sissy baby lifestyle it sort of revolves around the sissy being dominated and punished for disobedience by being forcibly turned from a man to a traditional baby/toddler girl, occasionally with adult male/homosexual activities. However this doesn't quite fit what you describe, he might in fact be a LG (Little Girl) which is essentially just an AB with a transgender aspect, and this is not unusual.

    If your looking for things to do with him while he's role playing you might want to just treat him as you would any baby or toddler girl, play dress up, read him fairy tails or make up your own, give him a colouring book, etc.. While if you'd like to be told that it's "normal" behaviour, I can only say that it's not unheard of, and I don't think there's anyone on earth that is truly "normal".

    Do you have any specific questions you'd like to ask?

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