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    Hi all
    Myself and my partner are both from Northern Ireland.We are both in our late 40's and first met just over a year ago.About 3 months ago we set up home together and ,I'm happy to say.have a really great relationship.My baby has a business and we both work.We enjoy the usual things in,eating out.watching tv together.
    It was only when we moved in together that I learnt that baby had a submissive side.I suspected something was a little different with him without knowing what.
    We talked a lot into the early hours of the morning just like 2 people should when they are on "honeymoon"!It was during these talks that baby's sub side came out.He was cautious what he told me at the start but really opened up then.I learnt that he had been crossdressing in secret all his life although less so the last few years.He had other fetishes too which are not really relevant to this site so I won't go into them.He had an extensive collection of clips which he had downloaded and which he let me see most of.
    Baby only had a few clips on an adult baby theme and he said it was something which only had very mild interest for him,other fetishes were much stronger.I thought no more about the AB fetish at that time.
    In the next few months I found that baby was quite submissive but with a frequent rebellious streak.I discovered that although I had never thought of being Domme before I enjoyed controlling him and I liked him best when he was obedient to me.It turned me on frankly to be in charge of him.Mostly this was from crossdressing him,keeping him in panties and sometimes in chastity.
    One night in early December we went shopping to the local supermarket.We were going down the aisle that contained the baby supplies.On a whim I picked up Terry diapers,in a baby size obviously.I immediately noticed the effect on him,he seemed shocked when I lifted them up and stammered "What are you looking at those for?" to which I replied "I'm just having a look".It was at this point I decided I'd like him in diapers as my helpless little baby.We talked about it a few days later and baby told me that whilst it had not really been a strong fantasy of his he liked the idea of being controlled by me and being helpless to resist what I wanted.
    We bought some large incontinence pads a few days later in the supermarket and one Saturday went to the shops with baby wearing one.He wasn't allowed to pee except in his pad when we were out but couldn't-he said he was too afraid it would leak.
    We left things for a week or so and then taked about it again and decided to give it a proper go.From the internet we ordered adult nappies(which have a baby print on the top),pink rubber panties,a pink printed onesie and a pacifier(which alas has still not arrived) and before Christmas he had his first night securely as a AB
    There's a bit about this on my blog.I didn't permit baby to get out of bed(he normally does a pee about 4am)and he told me he had a restless night and had real difficulties going in his diaper.He was eventually able to pee by standing up,which I hardly need add was naughty of him but I was sleeping at the time.
    As I write this baby has just had his second night in diapers and that is something I will discuss in my blog.
    I welcome comments and advice as a new Mummy

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    I hate to say it but while that post was long, detailed, and a deep insight into you and baby's personal life, it misses what adisc is about. We aim to give advice, help, emotional support, information and ideas to people who need support - who happen to be into diaper-wearing; but we don't really aim to support their fetishistic lives directly. I think you have much to offer to adults who might be into the same kind of play as you; but as entertaining as the story of the progress in your private lives happens to be, this side of your life is of the least interest to us; the rest of who you are matters more to us.

    I don't want to come off as being negative about you - I am sure there's a lot of help you could give to our members, especially Irish ones: who struggle to accept themselves and especially who could benefit from your experience in the field of being adult babies or their caregivers: and there is a lot you know about diapers, ab furniture, and all kinds of lifestyle details; it is actual fetish-play that isn't really suitable to talk on here about, especially to minors.

    please tell me if I have been clear enough about all this, especially on Adisc being a site for fetishists but its not being a fetish-site as such; any failure to state this idea plainly is my own.
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    Can you please tone it down a bit?! As raccoon pointed out, this site is for giving support, not for detailed reports on babying, especially with sexual undertones. Keep in mind that this site is mainly for younger teens, and open to people of all ages, so we surely don't need to have an inside view of the power exchange between you and your partner. You wouldn't go to your local high school and report in detail about what goes on in your bedroom either, would you?!

    Thread closed - please go write a proper introduction that tells us about yourself, not your life in your bedroom. Thank you!

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