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Thread: Hi everyone, finally coming out, even though its just in the online community :)

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    Red face Hi everyone, finally coming out, even though its just in the online community :)

    Hi everyone, I've decided to finally come out to an open group of people and engage in a community with people like me.

    I've been an AB for as long as I can remember and only a couple people in my life actually know about it. One of those being my girlfriend. She's been incredibly supportive and I feel that she's helped me out a lot with getting adjusted to feeling that I'm "normal". I guess you guys can too! I already feel good about this.

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    Welcome Chef! Glad to have you here. It always feels good to be able to openly talk with others. But ADISC is of course not only about being *B/DL. What other interests do you have in life? Going off your username do you cook or enjoy cooking? What kinds of foods or styles do you prefer?

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    Well, this is even more exciting than I thought it was going to be!! I'm currently a student at a University in the state I live in majoring in education. Along with that I have been working my way through school as a local baker and enjoy it a lot. I guess you could say that cooking is my life and I'm good at it but I wouldn't consider it a hobbie of mine.

    For recreation, I enjoy sailing and cycling in the summertime, and I'll usually just resort to playing music with my friends and at school when its too cold out to do anything. I'm one of the guys that does ALL THEY CAN to stay warm when it gets cold!

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    Welcome to ADISC IronChef111!

    I am a Baker and Chef (Lifetime hobby and then worked in the trade for 5 years); found it was grueling and mostly thankless work, (where the waitresses take all the credit and the tips). I thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate and graduate studies, (Started as a Commercial/Graphic Arts Major but transfered to Elementary and Special Education after volunteering with blind children). I worked as a teacher and school counselor (Elementary and Secondary) for over 25 years. This is and was my first love.
    Oregon now requires a teacher to first have a core area undergraduate major and then must complete a Master degree in an Education Specialty to teach. What are the requirements in your state?

    I love sailing (although I do not own a sailboat). Years ago, I sailed in a 29 footer for 9 days around the San Juan Islands in Northwestern Washington. If you ever get a chance to do that you will be mesmerized! Being Norwegian my roots are maritime; my grandfather was a wood boat designer and builder and was a US Mail boat pilot on the South Puget Sound. I have a great fondness for vintage wood boats and have been to some of the regions wooden boat festivals.

    "I'll usually just resort to playing music with my friends" What instruments do you play? I play mandolin. ukulele and guitar primarily. I always played them with friends when I was at the university.

    Well looks like you've entered the community properly and I look forward to your further contributions to the ADISC Community in the future!

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    Wow! That's fantastic, thanks for all of your input! It seems that you've had a very eventful life

    As far as education requirements go in my state, it seems to be the exact same as it is in Oregon. One must attain their undergraduate in pre-education, and then continue to the school of education for an extra two years along with having taken a praxis exam, thorough background check, and focusing in whatever specific field they want to go into.

    Regarding your sailing experience, that sounds incredible (and a tad cold, I'd imagine)!! I have a small catamaran that a good friend and I like to sail during the summer but I have never gotten the opportunity to ride on a cruiser although I plan on doing so sometime later in life! Your family roots sound so interesting, its great that you like to keep in touch with your heritage.

    As far as music goes, I'd consider it to be a pretty significant part of my life. Music is actually my minor at the university and I'm in an old-time band playing upright bass. However, outside school requirements I play in an experimental/ electronic band with a variety of synthesizers and samplers I've collected. I enjoy a very broad spectrum of music and have an appreciation for something that someone has put a lot of thought and effort into.

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

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