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Thread: Hello from Australia :)

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    Default Hello from Australia :)

    So, joined this perhaps a couple of weeks ago, been browsing through the forums, and seeing what sort of people are around and you all seem cool... so here is my introduction! Im more of the Daddy style of role, noticed alot of AB's both guys and girls, havent seen too many Daddies but then again i havent looked super hard!

    Well, news years and all thought one of my resolutions could be finally 100% saying this is definatly what i want in my life, spent a while getting screwed around by AB's in the past and thought sod it, but thats was 2010 hello 2011!!!

    So whats happening with everyone? I am on diaperspace too, but i heard from numerous people that this site is miles better, so i will wait and see.
    Hope you guys and gals are all well, and looking forward to chatting with everyone soon


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    Hello. I see you signed up with a New Year's resolution like I did. Well, welcome to the site from a another newbie! I'm sorry to hear of your past difficulties and hope things work out well for you here.

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    Welcome :p. What are your other interests besides diapers? We talk about a variety of other things as well so it'd be nice to get to know more about you.

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    Is this site better than diaperspace? hmmm...

    It is to my taste for sure, and I prefer here to there; I would say though that we fulfill our mandate of caring, supporting, assisting fellow abd/dl's d-space is the best place around to fulfill theirs, connecting people for live meets or online rp. Please read through adisc and decide if it is going to be useful to you - and do use our resources if so... otherwise we are only going to take your time away from going after what you are looking for.

    have you read through the site? try a couple of threads per forum...

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    Oh my other interests are, football ( support Arsenal ) music love lots and lots of different kinds, movies, scuba diving to name but a few! Yeah i really should update my profile on this!
    Yeah i will also hunt around and see if there is a Daddy section so i can hopefully progress in finding an AB for me lol

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    Welcome to the site ^_^

    What part of Australia you from?

    there's a whole bunch of us here >> Aussie's Unite! -

    feel free to join.


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