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    I am all for recycling but shipping cases in thier own box inside out is dumb! Sure you can't see the Abena label when they are shipped to you but what do you with the dam box when your done? Any one esle have this issue?

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    Well I think that's a great idea personally. It's quite common with a few suppliers here in Australia too. If you were really 'all for recycling' you surely wouldn't have a problem with it. Why waste a perfectly good fibreboard carton, especially when the size is obviously perfect? Just collapse the carton and fold or cut it up small enough to throw away or recycle. Too easy !

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    Besides - do you really want to pay extra for them to make their own boxes and have to dispose of the cartons they get from Abena and all the other companies?

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    I think it's a good idea. Why kill more trees then we need to? If you want rid of the box scribble over it wig marker, or as previously suggested burn the box.

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    Makes sense to me. I think it's a good idea to just use the same box turned inside out. Got a recycling center near where you live? Every one I've been to will take collapsed cardboard boxes.

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    Take a razor cutter and score the first layer around the Abena name, then remove that part of the cardboard and throw away independently, or you can just break down the box so that the labels are on the inside and be done.

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    Cut it apart, put it among the paper recyclables, be done?!

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    nobody's likely to dig through a bunch of cut up pieces of cardboard to reassemble them like a puzzle, unless they're exceptionally nosey.

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