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Thread: Problem with kendall lille grey

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    Default Problem with kendall lille grey

    First time trying them and they are too long.
    The top of the diaper stick up above my naval.

    Since, they are so long, the tapes are positioned too high up.
    This causes the diaper to sag greatly when wet...
    They sag so badly till the leg gathers are then not even touching me anymore, resulting in leaks...

    And tips on taping to make the leg openings smaller?

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    Make tapes tighter (closer together).
    Or next time getting a smaller size.

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    Tapes are already super tight. (i always wear them tight)

    don't think i can drop a size, width might be too small.

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    I got the same problem with these too. so their not reliable at night when i need them most, it sucks :/
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    Angle the bottom leg tapes upward. It will pull the leg gathers tighter around the back of your legs. For me, the leg gathers seem to hold tight and not sag as much, so long as I tape the bottom tapes upward.

    You might also consider wearing a onesie or just a pair of underwear over the diaper to keep it from sagging.

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    Tygon has the right idea. With the Lille I had to slightly angle the bottom tapes upward and the top tapes downward (around 15 degrees.)

    Diapers shouldn't cover your navel though or you risk getting a rash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amelia View Post
    And tips on taping to make the leg openings smaller?
    It's really an easy thing to fix I don't see why it's not occurring to more people.

    Stop trying to make the lower tapes meet in the middle. (don't specifically aim to pull the tapes toward each other) The top tapes are to keep the diaper up on your hip and that's right for them, but the lower tapes only job is to seal the leg cuffs watertight around your two legs.

    So once you have the top tapes on to where the waist is tight but not uncomfortable, make sure you have the diaper pulled up so the cuffs are firmly in the crotch. Then check in back to make sure the top of the rear leg elastic is pulled DOWN and OUT toward your sides so it wraps well around your cheeks. (if it wasn't, and you adjust it, you'll notice you just pulled in some slack that would have gapped later) Then pull the lower corner of a front wing backward around your side, toward the back wing. Pull the back wing forward.

    Your aim then is to attach the lower tape about 1/2" above the bottom edge of the front wing, as far forward as is comfortable. All the brands of diaper I've tried tend to stretch about 1/2 - 3/4" after a few hours of wearing, so you may have to retape later, but they usually only stretch once. Repeat with the right side.

    Now if the diaper is too big for you, what happens is the are between the two tapes puckers out. You can try to use clear packing tape or something else to pull that gap in so it's even with the top and bottom tapes, but there'll be a lot of stress on that spot so use something strong. This also causes a bit of a "pocket" to form in the front, which can be an improvement depending on your taste. I haven't had leaking problems due to this pucker, but then I don't sleep on my side.

    With the lower cuffs as tight as is comfortable, you're as leak-proof as you're going to get, out the elastic anyway. After a bit you can judge how good the fit is by placing a finger under one of the two lower tapes and feeling how much force is on that tape. Also a good way to tell if its time to move the tape.

    Once you have the lower tapes in the right position, they will help hold the diaper up from below, and the top tapes should do a much better job keeping the nappy on your butt, especially when wet. Then they're working more just to keep the top of the diaper from sliding down instead of trying to also hold up the weight of the wet diaper.

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    what do you mean by area between the 2 tapes puckering out?

    I've tried to do as you say but now my top tapes and bottom tapes are touching each other. Seems wierd.

    Also, i've tightened and tightened and tightened the bottom tapes. Leg gathers still feel loose.

    This brand is just wierdly cut... Its just way too long. Lenghtwise it feels like an L. Widthwise an M.

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    Sounds to me like you mite be just a tad too small for the size your wearing I have never tried this brand so I do not know how the fit is

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