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Thread: Diapers on a road trip?

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    Default Diapers on a road trip?

    I'll be going on a long road trip by myself soon, and I'd like to do it diapered, both for fun and for convenience. I'm not sure how to handle changes, though. There will be rest stops, but that doesn't seem like the ideal place to change a diaper - crowded, cramped stalls. How do people handle changing diapers on a road trip?

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    I use the back seat of the car, or the boot, whichever has more room. When you need to change, just pull off on some sort of side road and be done with it. If you can, put the back seat down so you have a nice flat area to work in.

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    The problem with doing it in the car is that it's a fairly small car with un-tinted windows. I don't want to get in trouble for public exposure. Plus I'll be on the interstate the whole time, so my access to side roads will be fairly limited.

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    You most likely wont know anybody while you are on the road trip, so just grad your fresh diaper, walk into the restroom, take the handicapped stall and change your diaper. Act like it is no big deal and you do it all the time and no one will ever be the wiser.

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    I'd probably just change in a stall too :p. Maybe tape the diaper before you put it on if you don't mind wearing a bit loose, that way you can just slip it on.

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    Change when you gotta change, if you happen to be by a rest stop so much the bettter.

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    Just use the handicapped stall if you change in a rest stop, Ive done this before just bring in a backpack with extra supplies like wipes (powder or lotion if you use them) new diapers and small colored plastic bags for the used ones. a small pair of travel scissors is nice too for getting the used one off with minimal noise. once you have your clean one ready you can change against the wall thats not the divider for better support. tape up and flush the toilet for effect. on your way out just throw the bag with the used diaper in the trash and wash your hands and be on your merry way.

    if you are not able to change at a rest stop you can pull over and use the back of the car to change, if non tinted windows are a problem get something to cover the windows, i believe some stores carry a window blind thing to keep the sun out of children's eyes, that should work for you and are relatively cheap to get. good luck

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    Most rest area have family bathrooms bring a back pack with extra supplies and towel lay down change and leave just make sure the door locks good luck

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    Just make sure to bring a BB gun and go to kill a rival in a love triangle. Oh, and be a lady astronaut.

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    I agree with woofcub, simply use the handicapped stall and act like it's no big deal. Best of luck!

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