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    I just joined this site because I've been in the slow process of coming to terms with my affection for all things AB. I'm a 27 year old lesbian residing in sothern europe.

    I've recently decide to writing fetish and have decided to tackle my love of age-play and diapers. I realized that once I finished, I wouldn't have anywhere to post the thing. So, I thought this might be a good place to start, as I have read and enjoyed a number of the stories on these forums.

    I enjoy football, which I am completely unable to play; reading fiction, both erotic and otherwise; and video games, particularly MMORPGs.

    I look forward to meeting and interacting with you all.

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    If you like all things ab, you came to the right place: where you'll be surrounded by fellow thinkers, people approving and encouraging, and willing and wanting to assist you in having that sort of fun. Good luck in the writing! I haven't lent my hand to fiction yet but plan to very soon.

    I understand about the football (soccer...) By the way, over here hockey is our national sport and fixation; our womens' teams are very very good... and womens' hockey at all levels has a very high number of lesbian participants, like up to 50% on many teams; I have a couple of lesbian friends who are hockey-mad.

    But all that aside, on Adisc to me your sexuality, while part of you isn't the part I am most interested in; your ab side... now for that anything I can help with, I would love to, though ageplay isn't my bag. It is , however, the bag of several people here I like and admire and am lucky enough to call friends. One has a nursery, and all the supplies and equipment, a cooperative partner... and is fully open about her activities; she is one of the people I admire and like most in this community, and if you don't know who I mean I will point you in her direction; she is friendly, forthright, answers queries directly and concisely.

    Let me close with: it warms me to see the gals showing up in increasing numbers: all the kinds of gals, str8, gay, asexual, xdressers, trans... to me they are equally valid as gals and I welcome them. May their tribe increase.

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