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Thread: My 1990 Silvrado

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    Default My 1990 Silvrado

    Okay so since I bought the truck back in Agust I have put nothing but 93 octane in the truck for fuel. But as you all know fuel is going up a fast rate nad I cant afford the 3.30 a gallon.

    So my question is can i put 83 Octane in the truck, and it still be okay, or will have to just cut back elsewhere to keep my beautiful truck rolling?


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    Well, are you running a turbo, supercharger or anything special? I see no need to run 93 Octane on something like that...

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    Umm....yeah you'll do fine with 87. My dad's been running 87 for everything that's gas powered, and they all run fine with the exception of my mom's truck since the previous owner f'd it up, lol.

    That is if you're not doing motor sports or high performance...

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    yea but it's had nothing but 93 in for almost 5 months will it be able to transfer down to 87 okay?

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    Yes, it won't care. It's not like changing from regular oil to synthetic. The worse that would happen is that you would experience a knocking sound when you try to accelerate. That would be your indication that you would have to go up to the next octane rating. I doubt that this will happen. Try the lower rating and see what happens.

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    hmmm> okay guys thanks.

    Chevey or Ford?

    Im a Chevey man myself I had anf150 b4 my silverdao, and it sucked....

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    Well, I was pretty born into Ford's on my dad's side, and Chev's on my mom's side, with both having tried either. If I had an option, Fordsfor th win, but that's obviously IMO. (as to not start flame war, inb4 lock though...)

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    i think old chevey beat old ford and New Ford beat new chevey. the 2012 Cehvey Silverado is built with an Allison transmission(The same tani use in an A1 tank during WW2) the A1 tank was the least relaible tank ever but it was cheap to produce, and I think that Chevey is trying to do the same

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