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Thread: Tips on getting in shape, weight loss, exercise, healthy eating.

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    Default Tips on getting in shape, weight loss, exercise, healthy eating.

    I've been trying to lose weight not only for getting into a proper fitting diaper, but for overall health and well-being.

    I'm 80 pounds overweight, and find that I do have a lot more energy when cutting out all unnatural sugars (refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, sodas, desserts, etc) and cutting out highly processed grains (cheap cereals, products with white flour, etc).

    I also have a bit more energy, but i've just really got to work harder on getting off my butt and find an exercise activity I enjoy, since I have a sit-down job, and play video games quite a bit after I get off work.

    I also find that although my snacks are healthy (whole meats, veggies, fruits)... I still have issues on when to STOP eating. Good old self control needed, there.

    Does anybody have a favorite activity they enjoy? I find that when I play sports, due to my weight, my joints (ankles, back) seem to ache rather quickly, then I'm in pain for a couple days, which discourages me further.

    Does anybody have any tips they use to get jump-started to a better healthier lifestyle?

    I did recently quit playing MMO's so that's a first step

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    You're on a good path as to being aware of your diet, as far as eating goes there is something known as "eating consciously". Basically it's just focusing on eating while you are eating and nothing else. Like how many watch tv or do other tasks while eating, avoid doing that and focus. It's much easier to tell when you are full and should stop eating. This takes a bit more than self control but it's not too difficult. I enjoy walking and stretching myself. If you do this yourself it'll prepare you for the activities you like to partake in. Stretching is 2nd nature to me around the house it's something I really enjoy doing and I'm quite flexible because of it. Just think of the pain as a sign that you are being active but don't over-do it.

    To get motivated you could try reminding yourself that better fitting diapers await a healthier figure? :p Or that you'll be get more enjoyment out of your sports and other activities.

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    Woah! That's a bit creepy, as I realized upon reading your post that I DO have a bad habit of NON-focused eating lol... I play video games, both console and PC while noshing on something, as well as watching movies.

    We recently did get a dining room table (we used to always each on the couch), so I'll try to make a habit of eating at the table, chewing slowly, not horkin' it down without chewing because I'm too focused on a fast paced game lol.

    Comfy cozy snug diapers are definitely a motivation! I also like looking at pictures of my younger self in Jr. High, noticing that I didn't always have love handles and a big gut... it makes me feel there's hope! I just have to take charge!

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    Right on. :p Confidence is an important key. I'm sure you'll accomplish it, I'm guilty of multi task eating myself sometimes but I'm trying to cut down on it for financial reasons.

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    I used to have a habit of non-focused eating, too. My savior? Gum. I chew the stuff like crazy.

    Also, fiber. Lots and lots of fiber and water will fill you up. Drink a glass of water before a meal, drink a glass of water during your meal. Water is calorie-free, and your tummy doesn't have as much room for food when there's water taking up space. (Speaking of beverages: Don't drink sodas or juices. Too much unrefined sugars and useless calories. If you want fruit juice, eat the fruit instead. It has fiber in it, so you're killing two birds with one stone.) And no snacking! You don't know how many extra calories you rack up with that. Either chew on gum (or suck a paci, lol), or snack on celery or raw cabbage. They're not calorie-dense, and they'll still fill you up during the 3pm crunch.

    As for activities, swimming is easy on the joints if you have access to a YMCA. Plus it's not even that bad. I've been known to swim for an entire day at a time there even though one of my legs has nerve damage. Your shoulders will be sore the first few times, but that means that it's working.

    PS: Yeah, I know I'm all about body acceptance, but part of life is creating and bettering yourself. Either way, it's not my life, but I want others to be happy in their own skin. Yeah, neutrality issues.

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    I've tried three different times in three years to stay on a jogging program, but I always ended up injuring my lower legs two weeks in. I tried various walk/run programs including one from Runner's World and the famous "Couch 2 5K" walk/run program but to no avail. Like the OP, I too am about 60-70 lbs overweight and lead an extremely sedentary lifestyle. I just love food too much and I overeat all the time. The only victory I've had in being healthy is giving up soda. I normally drink water and haven't had a soda in months. At one point in time I started a food diary to keep track of all the food I ate and the calories I consumed. I was shocked to find out that I was consuming 3000-4000 calories a day! I think I went to or something like that. Unfortunately, keeping track of EVERYTHING you eat and all the servings is a lot of work so that barely even lasted a week.

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    I might just be lucky in this regard, but I have to eat small portions. I can never finish a hamburger and fries at the same time - especially not with a soda to go with! Here are my guidelines and some tippes:

    Metabolism is how many calories it takes for your body to maintain itself while not very active. The difficulty in this is that if you have bad eating habits and are overweight, you have a bad metabolism - that is, your body consumes fewer calories. Muscular people with low bodyfat have fantastic metabolisms, genetics aside, which is funny because they often have the least weight to lose. Losing weight has forward motion

    When considering losing weight, calories in = weight gained and calories burned = weight lost - that's it. Calorie counting is no way to live. At least, I can't do it - it drives me crazy. On the other hand, you know what you should and shouldn't be eating. Or maybe you don't. For myself, I look at the calories and make a mental note of which foods have a lot of calories for not much substance - snack cakes and candy being notoriously bad in my mind, and lean meats and certain breads being very good. Most of the time I don't care.

    Exercise - important! I can burn 300 calories in half an hour just by using a bike machine at the gym, and that's only after two weeks. The first week I was at around 240 and I'm sure the number burned will increase.

    Try and set a goal, or have a reason for losing weight other than "well I should". You definitely should if you're severely overweight, but if that's your only reason for doing so, you'll lose motivation fast. My goal by the end of 4 months is losing 20 or so pounds, and I'm not dieting or anything. My reason for doing so is that I want to be fit to take a long hike over a long distance (hundreds of miles in month or two) in the next year or two and I want to be as ready for it as I could be.

    If you want to fast track, I have read that eating right and exercising together will net you a loss of 2 pounds a week, so you could easily lose 35 pounds in that time if you absolutely had to.

    I'm sure there are lots more things I could say but that's all I can think of right now. Basically,

    1) don't diet, but don't splurge,
    2) find some kind of cardio that works for you (the bike is ideal for me because I have asthma - those of you without have no excuse!),
    3) don't do it "just because".

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    Food. It's all about portion control. You can eat McDonalds every day and still loose weight. It wouldn't be very healthy, but it's possible. Loosing weight is as simple as using more calories than you consume every day.

    Exercise. Overweight people need to be careful with high stress stuf, because, yeah, it puts pressure on the joints. Try something low-impact. Swimming comes to mind. So does biking. Since I can't bike during the winter, I get my exercise in by going for really long walks, another low impact activity.

    Good luck out there!

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    I was actually advised by my doctor to play Wii Fit and other games of that kind that require you to get up and move around. I mostly play it now when it's bad weather and I can't go outside and walk. I like to walk and I usually take my little dog with me and then we both get exercise.

    Keep in mind, the doctor didn't suggest it just because it would help me lose weight, but also because movement helps my bad knees and my occasional depression. Instead of laying in bed all day feeling sorry for myself, I get up and take a virtual bike ride and it helps me feel better. (Weather permitting I take a real bike ride. I love my bicycle.)

    So far I've gone down twenty pounds by also changing what I've been eating and drinking. (That doesn't seem like a lot, but it really is.)

    I pretty much cut soda down to being a very occasional treat. If I get a case of it, it will last me for months and months. I still drink juice, but in the proper amounts. I like fruit, but sometimes I can't take it with me. I also (miraculously) cut out fast food to being a treat just like the soda. I still love it, but I no longer feel like "I must have it!"

    I really started dropping the pounds when I actually took the time to count out what a real serving was and watching how many calories were in that serving. For example, I have a box of cheesy shark crackers that have a serving size of twenty crackers. So I'll take twenty crackers out, put them in a little bowl and put the box away. That keeps me from 'grazing' on them.

    You might notice that I said little bowl. I bought my own dishes to use that were way smaller than the normal dishes in the house. That really helps a lot if you need to 'trick' yourself. Twenty crackers in a big bowl doesn't seem like enough, but putting them into a smaller container fills it up and tricks you into thinking that it's a lot. I'm planning on using that as an excuse to get myself some more snack bowls with cartoon characters in them. The little kid plate/bowl/cup sets are just about the perfect size for me.

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    You seem to have the right attitude at least, not looking for miracle diets or overnight results.

    Can't help you much with the diet part. I like to eat and have never been able to count calories. When I need to shed a few pounds, I just overload on the exercise: 1. Time spent running, cycling, etc is time away from the fridge and 2. You're so exhausted that you fall asleep before you can get into any late night snacks

    At your weight, cycling and swimming are probably the best options. This time of year, cross country skiing is another good one that's pretty easy on the joints, and burns calories like there's no tomorrow. For those days when its too dark, icy or cold to get out, indoor bike trainers Ascent Adjustable Magnetic Trainer : Beat the Heat - Train Indoors From Performance Bike are inexpensive and effective. You can mount your regular bike, or garbage pick any old thing to stick on the trainer. Video games, TV, or music can relieve the boredom.

    When the weather's better and the roads aren't icey, bike commuting can kill two birds with one stone. You get to work AND get your exercise. Even though it takes a little longer to ride than drive, its actually a big time saver because you're done with your workout when you get home.

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