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Thread: I am very excited to join this forum.

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    Default I am very excited to join this forum.

    Hello everybody!

    I am a 30 year old male, happily married, out of California. I love the sunlight!

    I'm 275 pounds, 6'2". I'm very much wanting to get in shape.

    I have always been interested in Video Games, Playing musical instruments, and using Computers for both work and play.

    Nintendo has always been my favorite system, but I enjoy all consoles.

    I'm interested in seeking and sharing information about the world of diapers, hoping to grow in any healthy way possible.

    I have always felt a desire to wear diapers from a young age of about 7, which sounds like that's pretty standard for many Diaper Lovers I have read about. I'm still very shy and embarrassed about my preference, and only my wife knows about it. She states that it does seem strange but assists helping diaper me at night because she understands how much comfort it brings me.

    I have always felt men's underwear for all ages has been quite uncomfortable, easily chafing, with harsh stitching and rough elastic bands... and diapers are really the only way to be truly comfy and cozy.

    This forum is the one of the only ones I have found that is obviously very mature, and not juvenile or centered around purely sexual uses of diapers, so I'm looking forward to being a participant.

    Thanks for having me, and I can't wait to learn more! )

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    Welcome :p. We hope you enjoy your stay here. This is a support group and we talk about other things besides diapers so it's nice to know your hobbies and other things about you.

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