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Thread: Can a man and woman share the bed every night and

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    Default Can a man and woman share the bed every night and

    the woman not having the chance of being pregnant--either by sex of accidentally semen spillage?

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    Uh... wear a diaper or panties (shudders) to bed and you won't risk having that problem!

    However, be advised that this is a question best asked to a medical professional, not a bunch of random people on an infantilism support community.

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    ... If you don't get semen in a girl's vagina, she won't get pregnant.

    'nuff said. Anybody with a basic knowledge of conception and/or sex education would know this.

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    Sleeping together platonically shouldn't result in pregnancy, unprotected sex almost certainly will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmLamby View Post
    Win haha.

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    Sleeping in the same bed won't get anyone pregnant, you literary have to have sex to achieve that.

    Also don't think condoms can't/won't break... they have before in the past. So always inspect em.

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