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Thread: I'll be a lurker no more!

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    Default I'll be a lurker no more!

    Hi Everyone

    I joined ADISC some time ago and hadn't really done anything with it, so have become a Lurker; I don't like the term so I'm gonna do something about it.

    I'm from Newton Abbot in Devon UK, just looking to make some nice and similarly minded friends.

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    Congratulations, SlyFolf, on graduating from lurker to ADISC contributor! Care for a spot of tea?

    Take some time to read the suggestions, rules and stickies on this Greetings/Introductions forum to kind of flesh out your intro. This is really the best way to introduce yourself as a person to this support community. In the process you'll get a chance to get to know other members and start to make friends.

    If you're new, we ask that you make a topic in here to introduce yourself so we can get to know you and vice versa.
    If you're stuck for what to say in your greeting, here are some tips:

    Looking forward to hearing more from you in this intro!

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    Default A bit about me :)

    Ok then I'll do a little expansion of my intro and maybe ask a few questions too!

    I'm 22 Yo. Work for ASDA, "part of the Wall-Mart family" in the beers wines and spirits dept (I pretty much run it on my lonesome) and am looking to be promoted in the New year
    Many of my friends who are AB's, Dl's and DF's seem to work in computing, is this a serious genetic trait of AB's in general, or are there others of us stuck in boring jobs such as shelf stacking?

    I love my music, pretty much any sort from classical, to modern D&B club tracks that make you bounce around the dancefloor, till God knows what time in the morning. I like many genres, some more than others but I can say that theres always something that I'm happy to listen to!

    As well as working for ASDA I spend a lot of time being a handyperson, I've grown up in a household where homes are bought and sold for the purpose of a little restoration adventure, so I've picked up quite a few skills along the way. (I'd say I'm pretty confident at putting my hand to anything now) I fitted my first kitchen at 17 and have done another 3 since, have laid countless Kilometers of electrical cable through houses and even had a job as a part time Mr fix it for a block or apartments in London.

    I enjoy getting away so my car is invaluable to me, it seems to always need a little something doing to it, but it gets me from A to B well enough. I'm quite often pottering about on it, and have today fashioned a set of heated seats for it by incorperating a set of electric blankets in the drivers and passenger chairs powered by an inverter hidden deep within the dashboard.

    As for my AB lifestyle, it's become a bit complicated; I've been an AB/ DL since before puberty and always had problems being able to wear diapers, as my mum found out years ago and was having none of it! I sneakily managed to wear on occasions and was caught out on many more (as my mother seems to have a super sensitive nose); when I was old enough I moved out from my parents and to London to study at university where I was able to wear almost 24-7 in my own home and at one point had 2 other AB housemates.
    I was there for almost 2 years, before having to leave due to a money crisis among many things, and back to my parents. I like the cheap rent and cooked meals but really hate that the old rules about diaper wearing are still in place. (If I get caught I risk loosing my place in this house :s )

    I'm sitting here now though happily padded while my parents are away for the next 2 days, so what a relief!
    What if any restrictions do people on here have set by their parents if they're living at home?

    If you wondered about my screen name I'm a furry, I'm a hybrid Fox Wolf what more can I say except, I'm cuddly, cute and am known to occasionally howl at the full moon. Hehe

    Well thats pretty much me summed up as quickly as possible, just glad I'm not a lurker now

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