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    hi just looking for some one to talk about buying diapers

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    Welcome! What are your interests outside of diapers? Have a read of the stickied threads in the introduction forum. Other than that, ADISC can offer a vast amount of advice on getting diapers, from the wiki article of that name to hundreds of posts in TeenBaby.
    Once again, welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamie3
    hi just looking for some one to talk about buying diapers
    Grr, and we were just looking for someone to talk to who wouldn't write a fap story posing as the truth, and who wouldn't ask people whether or not they were diaper punished looking to get their rocks off. This isn't Dxxkxr's Fappa Hut, so please go to somewhere that isn't a support site with morals and minors to get your pleasure. Thank you.

    Closing this thread now as the OP has been banned. Have a wonderful New Year.

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