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Thread: Favorite Comedians

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    Default Favorite Comedians

    What comedians do you guys like.

    My top 5
    1.Gabriel Iglesias
    2.Ralphie May
    3.Jeff Dunham
    4.Jeff Foxworthy
    5.ron White

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    I've got a couple of Jeff Foxworthy's CD's. Jeff Dunham is just hilarious. I got to see a couple of his shows on Comedy Central and I love him and his crazy characters. Peanut gets me every time. "I will NEVER blink." I've actually used that line on a few people since then. Walter reminds me of some of my family members when they're being crotchety. XD

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    My absolute favorite is Gabriel he's so funny he does all these voices, and his stage presences is soooo funny

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    Bill Hicks, Mitch Hedberg and George Carlin are the top 3 on my list. Why are all the good comedians dead? Well, George lived a long life at least, but still. Also really like Patton Oswalt and Lewis Black.

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    Lewis Black is a scream.

    I like when Chris Rock does his specials. Their usally pretty good.

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    Danial Tosh, Christopher Titus, Demtri Martin, Gabriel Iglesias, Gorge Carlin... though my favorite stuff of his honestly isn't that funny at all.

    But Christopher Titus is a pretty good comic.

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    I like a bunch of comedians. I can't really pick a favorite one though. Here's a few I enjoy:

    Chris Rock - there's actually a lot of truth in what he says; very explicit
    Sinbad - the "Where U Been?" DVD was hilarious; his act is pretty clean; Wikipedia falsely posted he died a few years ago
    Carlos Mencia - his schtick is mostly about race; explicit
    Brian Regan - another squeaky clean comedian; schtick is observational humor
    Jim Gaffigan - known for using his "inside voice"; another clean comedian
    Sarah Silverman - REALLY straddles the line between funny and outright offensive; surprised she hasn't got sued yet; very explicit
    Rhys Darby - known for "the robot"; from New Zealand
    Kevin James - his "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" special was good; his comedy is clean
    Lewis Black - very angry comedian; don't take your children to see this guy; talks a lot about politics
    Bill Burr - also an angry comedian but not to the degree of Lewis Black; angry but in a funny way
    Steve Byrne - half-Irish/half Korean; known for his mac 'n cheese noise
    Gabriel Iglesias - the "fluffy" comic; his comedy is clean as well
    Russell Peters - from Canada; makes fun of his Indian heritage quite a bit
    the TV Show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" - most notably the US version; Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles are the funniest in my opinion; improvisational comedy

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    I love stand up, that being said here is a quick and dirty top 5

    1. Bill Hicks

    2. George Carlin

    3. Eddy Izzard

    4.Doug Stanhope

    5. Robin Williams

    ^has some great stand up, not really a fan of his movies. Eddie Murphy is the same way though, Raw is classic

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    Aggh! I LOVE Gabriel. Definitely my #1 fave.

    1) Gabriel Iglesias
    2) Jeff Dunham
    3) Jim Gaffigan
    4) Dane Cook
    5) Anjelah Johnson

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    Only 2 or 3 for me:

    1. Russell Howard (Not been mentioned. Might be because he's a British Comedian)
    2. Jeff Dunham (Love his work, especially Achmed and Walter)
    3. Possibly Eddie Izzard.

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