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Thread: New incontinent member from UK

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    Default New incontinent member from UK

    Hi Guys

    Little nervous as I have have joined, im a 26 year old incontinent male who's also now a DL and have joined to meet new people.

    I live in London UK and Ive been incontinent since 10 - 11 years old after getting an illness called encephalitis, hated it for ages but now so used to it its like second nature now.

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    Welcome! Sorry to hear about your incontinence problem, but good that you don't mind diapers anymore. What do you like doing outside diapers and*BDL? What are your interests? Hobbies?
    Welcome to ADISC and I hope you enjoy it.
    P.S as for "meeting new people" I understand what you mean, but be careful not to suggest you are trying to find a partner or similar. ADISC is strictly not a meet up site.

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    Welcome! Nice to see another person from the UK (and from london too!!). My 10 year old brother is incontinent and im slightly incontinent so i can relate. Welcome to Adisc!!

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