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Thread: Whould You Go Along With This if You Were Asked This Question

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    Default Whould You Go Along With This if You Were Asked This Question

    Hello all so i been asking this question for a while now and i do ask a lot of questions and to see people who think is interesting at times. So the question is if a random person you don't know what so ever came up to door and asked you to be their baby would you go with him or her to enjoy that life. Now obvious answer is no cause you don't know them but what if they were not a bad person and all they wanted to make you happy and they wouldn't force it on you it be your choice. If you choose yes then they will take you make you their baby if you say no they will leave be and never brother you again. So what would you do if this asked? ..... For me its a no cause i already got a furry daddy.

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    No. I would play with a trusted person or someone I have a sexual interest in, but certainly not a nice stranger.

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    Realistically, no... the person needs to be someone trusted, well-known, as well as someone whom respects me. I don't know is a stranger (no matter how nice) would be all that.

    However, a little piece of me would always ponder at the question. This goes to all manner of questions similar to this.

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    I'd say no: one, I'm not really AB, and two, I don't trust random strangers.

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    I would say no. But assuming a person did want to baby me that much I assume they know me, but yet I don't know them. In that case you know somethings up plus when you reply no they'll just kidnap you, baby you for a day or two then kill ya. Well, that's what I think would happen in that sort of case.

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    I would extraordinarily perturbed if some rando asked me to be his baby. I mean, who does that? The kind of person who approaches a total stranger and asks him if he wants to be his adult baby is lacking some serious social skills -- I'd consider the guy more a threat to my well being than a boon to my fetish. No, I wouldn't accept -- I'd call the police -- and I'd have no regrets.

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    This question is nearly as random as the situation in which someone just showed up at my door wanting me to be their baby.

    And no, I would not go along. I *would* seriously question the mental health and/or the criminal intentions of someone who showed up at my door asking me to be their baby, and chances are good that I'd call the police just as soon as they were off my porch.

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    The funny thing is this question isnt random at all. Its happend before to be honest and i asked this to see if people are so in to ab so much they will do anything for it. etc Most people o here have common sense so thats a good thing and this question also lead to thread on advice i will be posting later.

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    I don't know that hard one it all depend on there body language it not becuse I don't got coming sense but would say yes if there nice and caring feel to them . I meet a lot of girl on the street and guy asking to chill at there house people don't even know but where all good friends now. special this guy I use volunteer at ambulance I really did't know him well and he ask me up to his house to fix his computer did I feel scared yes but once we got there i fix his computer we talk and had good time redoing his cmputer stuff.

    The way I see it even those meet someone you never know on the street it all about judgment by the way the paerson body language is you can tell when there or have bad intentions to do . Like guy I end up meet along time I ago on the street he was cool at first but he started giving me bad feeling about him the way he act. Like the way he talk and acted around me I end up finding from someone that he was mega drug users and dealer but split after seen the way his reaction was.

    So yes from me for the reason I wrote .

    But if lady came up to me and ask me to be her baby would go along with it yes if she acting right with the body language she did and voice. I done to years in criminal justice I learn alot of thing from there one learning to read body language . it taught to all law enforcement so that way if have suspect and body language changes in way you can make reaction to if threat or not.

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    I have's called a glock...I keep one handy...then again I'm paranoid and live in the boondocks outside of town...I have an apple orchard working farm here...


    P.S. To answer the question NO WAY! Psycho!

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