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    I am always shocked by what you can find on Amazon. You can buy diapers off Amazon, i found ATN diapers on there for like 12 or 13 dollars a pack. They sell cases too, I was like OMG Amazon sells diapers. I just wanted to share this
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    Yeah, I've been constructing a massive wishlist of all the 'little' stuff I want by using Amazon. I saw they had diapers and I had to add some to the list.

    My favorite thing was finding out the other day that sells Molicare Super Pluses as I've been wanting to try them. They only sell by the case, though.

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    What's really nice about amazon is that, so long as it ships from Amazon itself, everything gets sent out in the same, nondescript kind of a box.

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    The thing I don't like about browsing for stuff on amazon is the fact that for the next week my homepage will be recommending diapers and the like haha

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    You can remove the recommendations somewhere within the Account settings, I did it on my end a few days ago. I didn't want to see it come up every time I open up Amazon - I'm quite paranoid about that.

    Amazon is awesome for me in many ways: I can order stuff from them and not have to worry too much about extra shipping fees as I live in Alaska. Most other retailers stack higher shipping costs to Alaska, while Amazon doesn't really stack them up if you shop through them (and sellers that sell via Amazon). The Super Saver Shipping (Free) works fine for me although I would have to wait a little longer than people who receive their shipments in the lower 48. I can't complain for the free shipping method if it saves me a bunch of money this way.

    I ordered 3 bags of Abena M4 on Friday the 17th and it was shipped right to my PO Box on a Wednesday afternoon (the 22nd) in a plain box with the Amazon logo on the sides. Basically, I ordered a case of it for just 61 bucks shipped. How amazing that is when most retailers want me to pay at least $79 or higher, to ship a case up to Alaska.

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    Amazon has just about everything you could ever want!

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    Quote Originally Posted by indybaby12 View Post
    Amazon has just about everything you could ever want!
    Quite true. I always double check the prices, though. Of late it seems like people have been jacking the prices up to stupid amounts.

    For example, there was a toy that is sold directly from the Fisher-Price website for $25 was jacked up to $150. It couldn't be 'supply and demand' because the toy was still being produced and was listed in stock on Fisher-Price's just seemed like someone being greedy to me. :P

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    I was able to find diapers cheaper on Amazon than I was on a diaper suppliar website, it was only like a dollar or too but hey it makes a difference

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