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Thread: hi all

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    Arrow hi all

    uh i am re-registering - about the time i started to be on this site i was made a mod on another diaper site -
    age: ancient but young 62
    sex: gay male
    physical: blond hair, blue eyes, 6'2, fit and use gym 3x a week
    relationship: partner of 29 years
    diapers: cloth guaze prefold and plastic pants or abena xplus with abena insert
    education: hs, college, graduate school, post graduate and ce
    location: atlanta, ga
    military: navy 6 years last rank e-6 specialty electronic intelligence and nuclear submarines fast attack
    first in diapers: started thinking about at age 5 when i put dirt in my training pants and then age 9 making my own first diaper out of briefs, then age 12 seriously into when i was changing my lil bro and sis cloth diapers
    movies: just about anything action oriented - i have vcr, laser, dvd, blueray
    music: classical, oldie goldies, new pop songs - i have lp 33 1/3, cd, ripped cds mp3
    interest: diapers of course, custom computer building, custom media systems, air rifling, digital photography, helping to run web sites

    some people on this site know me from the other diaper site but i consider myself a newbie here - i have been around the diaper community since 1976 when i joined lil wrangler, then i joined dpf when it started, then all the internet diaper sites i could find - i have been to many diaper parties and i have some very long time diaper friends - if anyone has a question i will gladly answer - i have had about 8 careers and have been working for myself since 1991 -
    thats enough now -

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    Hi! Welcome to ADISC! You might want to check out the Wiki and the FAQ up there at the top of the page. It seems like you might have some contributions to make, which would be greatly appreciated.

    I have thought about opening up a small business before, but that was a while ago. It does seem quite confusing. More recently, however, I've decided to go into pharmacy, which looked like it would pay more right from the start. The hours were also more appealing ^^

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    Do we know eachother?

    Nice of you to join our little group of awesomeness. Don't lurk now!


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    Hey, I know you from that other site. I thought your name was familiar on another post and was wondering why were a newbie :P

    Welcome to the site

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    thanks everyone for the welcome - lol yeh full and no i do not lerk but i am strickly here to relax and not have to act as a hall monitor - i like the forums here and the new format - the forums seem to be more intelligible and less games driven - chat looks about the same as db site - not sure yet how to navigate but i will learn quickly enough - again thanks all

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    Quote Originally Posted by neverdry63 View Post
    the forums seem to be more intelligible and less games driven
    That's the main reason I like it here better (not counting the awesome people on this site). I find the posts have a lot more substance to them and are much more interesting

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    Hey and welcome! Sounds like you've had quite a nice life up to now, check out the wiki and feel free to contribute, like whitefox said... you seem like you have a lot to contribute!

    I have been wondering about bluray, is it really as good as everyone makes it out to be? Quality and picture wise?

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