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    Omg I am so close ti buying diapers, but i dont want my mom to find out, and how would they get hipped to my house omg i am terrified.

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    There is a very good thread in the TB section about this posted as a sticky. The search function can also yield several helpful threads on this topic. Ultimately it comes down to where you can limit your parents access and where they would rarely if ever go.

    Also if you plan to wet/mess them be sure to have plastic bags and a plan to dispose of them, since IDK what might make a parent more prejudiced against this kind of thing than finding out via a pile of dirty diapers.

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    I know the feeling, though it's been a long time since I was in that situation.

    When you go to buy them try not to think about what you are doing and just go through the motions. Drink a beverage, talk on the phone,or pretend to talk on the phone while doing it. It's great for calming your nerves and getting through the checkout line.

    You want to figure out where you are going to store them first though, you might want to sleep on that.

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    If buying them in person at a store, just shrug it off like it's nothing and pretend you don't notice anyone. If people ask, just say it's for somebody else, because it's not their business. Relax, and just act normal, you draw attention if you look suspicious lol.

    Before you buy them, whether it be in person or online, make sure you have a place to hide them, and bags to dispose of them. This way, you don't end up having them, then panic'ing if you don't know what to do.

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    this is true. I know where to hide them. I think im goingto getem online because i just feel safer that way. You guys are very helpfu by the way

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    If you get them online, then you should be better off if you can time the shipping right. Most companies also ship very discretely, which is a nice thing. For example, Bambino ships in boxes from their parent company and are just plain brown boxes labeled "Bottom Half Group." Just try to time the shipping so you can sign for it, and you should be good to go.

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