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Thread: What to do...what to do?

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    Default What to do...what to do?

    So I'm sure many of you will agree with my feelings of being upset with the discontinuation of the small size Bambinos.

    To be frank, I've been thrown for quite a loop. I'm not sure what to replace them with. I'm getting down to about 5-6 Bambinos left.

    What are we replacing them with?

    If it matters, I'm about 135 lbs, 30 - 31" waist, 5'11".

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    It's a shame that some of the best brands are harder and harder to find in the small sizes. :L

    I think Abena carries some products in your size, could be worth a shot.

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    Are they as cost effective as the small Bambinos were?

    If I remember correctly, the smalls were pretty close to $1 a diaper. Give or take a few cents.

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    Abena is relatively close in price to Bambino's, maybe a bit cheaper. I can't say on the small sizes, because I wear mediums, so I'm guessing the price range may still be around there. Abena has some great products though, and when I used them, were very reliable.

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    What was the range on waist size for bambino's? I know I fit into depends fitted max smalls, though they are possibly too small (Idk I'm new to tapes).

    5'8" 165lbs

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    Bambino waist sizes If I recall is 32" - 44" or so for mediums, and 45" - 60" for large. Smalls for most diapers now, are 24" - 31". Extra large is 59" - 64".

    These measurements are used for most adult diapers too, or are at least close to it.

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    @Aero, that sounds about right. I believe they were 24 - 31"-ish.

    @Powderhair, Aero's got me thinking about the Abena's. Do you happen to know the differences between the Super and X-Plus? Obviously you get a few diapers less for the same price, but is it worth it? I was looking over their chart that they've got on there, comparing all the different diapers, but some personal experience never hurts. =]

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    Personal experience, supers are an ok day diaper they are not as thick as an x-plus and will stand up to 2 good settings where an x-plus stands up to 4 +... if you want something compariable to x-plus but want more for the money look at the Abena Extras, they are 1 step below x-plus and are very high quality they can hold 3-4 wettings. Hope this helps.

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    Stupid Bambino. Making my life difficult. I guess I'll just have to try Abenas...

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