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Thread: Finally!

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    Default Finally!

    My family is going on vacation in California. I'm going to be meeting a friend of mine there who is a DF. (somewhat popular on FA. Somewhat.)

    Me and him are going to hang out around the shopping district. He's going to give me some diapers that I can try. Only problem he says is their cheap ones. One is just a generic brand and the other is called Abenas.

    I want to know if Abenas are any good? I'm hoping to use one of the diapers then walk around in a clean one.

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    abena abriform are comfortable quality diapers, I would suggest them to any AB. California was very different for me when i visited there as a young teen, because i'm from the US south coast. It would be very neat to visit there again now. I hope you have fun!

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    thanks. ^^

    I'm really hoping though to enjoy the diapers though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
    thanks. ^^

    I'm really hoping though to enjoy the diapers though.
    I know a certain kind of Abena Abriform has a strip that changes colors when they wet, so that everybody knows that you are a pottypants!

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    I would say use the beter diaper for ur wetting, and walk the safe road in the lesser quality diaper.

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    Abenas are pretty good, definitely on my top list, even though I don't wear them anymore.

    Trust me, California will help you get your fix to relax and chill. Too much to do in one day at LA.

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    Well...seeing as I'm from So Cal, born and raised, that part doesn't sound quite too exciting to me. I've practically got smog running through my veins.

    However, meeting your friend does sound like something to look forward to. You should have a great time.

    What part of CA are you visiting?

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    SoCal isn't my fav place, but then again I'm a NorCal boy. However, you should have a good time if just visiting.

    Abena's are excellent btw. You won't be dissapointed with them. Hope you have an awesome time ^^

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    If you've ever worn a depend or walmart adult diaper, you're gonna be pleasantly supervised with what an abena is. I know I was when I saw them, and had only seen depends before that.

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    Staying in a hotel with my parents and my sister's family. The Disney resort that's connected to California Adventure.

    Me and my friend are suppose to meet tuesday in the shopping area there. The downtown disney area I think is what it's called. He's trying to get another friend to meet up but he doesn't seem to be interested.

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    Ah Aero. I think you might know who I'm meeting up with. I think he's metioned your name before.

    Know of a Showtime Yoshi?

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