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Thread: Your views on Christianity?

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    Default Your views on Christianity?

    What do you think of it?

    Personally, I don't believe in it...

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    I believe in the underlying ethical and moral values, but I don't believe in the religion itself. I have my own swing on things.

    I think if people are willing to adopt the core principles that Christianity (and indeed most systems of belief) teach about peace and respect for one another, then people should be free to believe in whatever higher authority they want.

    Quote Originally Posted by andrew-free View Post
    Personally, I don't believe in it...
    Why not? Care to elaborate?

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    I think you should rephrase the question to be "Do you believe what Christian's Believe?", since Christianity is more like the name of the religion rather than the religion itself...Or something...It made more sense in my head...But back on topic, I'm Athiest, so I don't believe in God and all that...

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    I believe in God... I believe in Christ. But honestly I think it is like a lot of other religions... there are good people... and there are hypocrites. A lot of drug dealers and gang members will murder you in cold blood out on the street, and go to church every sunday.

    Personally I try my best to live a good life and be a moral individual. I think that is the core of most religions... whomever they call god.

    Three core Christian teachings that I try my best to live by.
    1: Saved by grace through faith alone. Not by works... so that no man may boast.
    2: Judge not... lest you be judged.
    3: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
    The last two are basicly a "live and let live" mentality.

    The Bible is like any other religious text... a lot of things are very ambigouos and generalized... so they can be interpreted many different ways. Some folks are tolerant... some folks are extreme.

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    Well. However harsh you may think this is, I think Christianity is both a plague on humanity and a blessing. People need something like Christianity to believe that after they die, they'll be fine, nothing scary. It's comforting. It also influences people to live just and straight-lined lives.

    But it also inspires unwarranted hatred. Unprovoked prejudice, bias against something they have absolutely no understanding about. I say Paganism, most Christians jump to the devil, without even bothering to listen because the Bible said it's wrong. This applies to everything that's different from Christianity, because they're afraid that God will strike them down from wavering from "the true path".
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    Any CSI Fan has heared this but I will say it again
    I belive in God, I do not belive in religion.

    WHat we fallow today is not the same as what was ment. We all know Man if falible no mater what it is you thing about THe PTB. God did not qrite the Bible, He did not Build the church. And any one that studied history will tell you that the church that we all think of was founded 400 years AFTER the death of Christ. So he did no do it eaither. THese were all done by man, and influnced by kings.

    I feel the Moralies are sound, though the rest, has caused too much bloodshed through out history to be called the Truth. At least not in the way that it was ment to be understood.

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    I think Christians are just a bunch of hypocrits!! No offense
    They say one thing but they do another
    It pisses me off!!

    EDIT: I got neg reped fot this so I'd like to clerify that I don't think all christians are like this but I really hate how alot are
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    Do you believe in Christianity?

    Well of course! I believe in Christians!

    I don't believe in God or anything like that.

    Religion has good things about it, and bad. I like the fact it spreads good morals and a lot of the Bible has good stuff in there!
    But on the other hand, there's all sorts of immoral stuff in the Bible too, and in some Christian beliefs. For example, beliefs in 'natural law' resulting in thinking that homosexuality, contraception, and diaper fetishes are wrong.

    I also have a problem with hell, and people who only do right because they fear hell. Although I'd say that most christians aren't like that.
    And fear of death (resulting in belief of heaven and hell) seems unhealthy too...

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    As a Buddhist, I think that Christianity is a crock religion built on hate and bigotry.

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    The thing about it is most teachings, be it called a religion have basicly the same morals. Or if you want to think of it this way, Rules. Do not kill, Do not steal, to not hurt others (though the deffanitions on these very from group to group). The problem comes in when people, and I did say people.... add things. THis is done for power. The fundamintals of Christianity are love, faith... all those good things. THough Power has currupeted the astablishmen and many are hypacritical, hatfull and so on,

    On my my best friends is Jewish, and a person we know is always attacking her for not being saved. This is an example of ignorance on the Christians point of view. If one reads the Bible as she says she dose, she would know A Jesus was JEWISH and B the Jewish people are the chosen ones.
    Christianity is about loving all, helping them on a path If they find them selves lost. But we are not the ones to say who it lost.

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