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Thread: Don't wanna be a lurker, :/

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    Default Don't wanna be a lurker, :/

    Well i'll start off with my name is rur and i've been wanting to get into the ab/dl scene for quite a while in terms of buyng and using >.>

    My interests include composing (mainly the blues mind) and travelling.

    Erm anything else anyone wants to know just ask

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    Welcome Don't forget to read the rules and have a great time! Happy Holidays!

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    Hi Baby Ruri,

    Welcome to ADISC Always great to have someone else from the UK join us here.

    When you say composing, I assume you mean music? Do you play any instruments? Or do you use a computer? Or do you sort of write the music by writing down the notes, but without actually playing it? Unfortunately I am completely unmusical and so don't really understand how composing works! I do enjoy listening to music though, as you enjoy composing can I assume you also enjoy listening? And if so, what sort of music do you like? Who are your favourite artists?

    Also great to see someone else who enjoys travelling. Have you had the opportunity to do very much? If so where have you been? I did a little travelling between leaving college and beginning uni, but haven't had the time or money to do any whilst as a student. But I graduate next year so hope I'll be able to do some more then.

    Look forward to hearing more from you

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    Yay a music person! I'm curious about your composing too. I know both kinds of people, those who feel it out and those who write it all down. Blues seems like one that would be easy to just start playing some chords and see what comes, I think? Most of the stuff I do is orchestral/soundtrack, which can mean staring at sheet music for hours without hearing it.

    Do you have any hobbies/interests in addition to music and traveling? Any television or books you like? Curious!

    I just got here too, but I wanted to welcome you to the community. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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