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    Default Hi everybody :)

    Hi! I found this place a few days ago, just started postin' today. I'm a little/AB, but I haven't tried wearing diapers again. We'll see what comes of that at some point!

    Besides that... I'm going to school for psychology, love taking pictures, however bad they may be(haha), and love to draw. I work in a Syrian restaurant and have become obsessed with trying new foods because of that and Anthony Bourdain xD I love birds, parrots and crows in particular. Ironically I don't have parrots for pets, but doves! I collect too much stuff; my room is starting to take on an antique-store look. Foreign/cool bottles, old books(many are over 100), kitschy religious/cultural items, blah blah. I like to craft, working with leather and beads.

    I've gone on long enough... if you have questions, feel free to ask! Hope I get to know some of you too.

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    *pokes everyone*

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    Hi it's nice to meet you Bigcrow, i'm a fellow AB who also loves exotic foods (as I do not eat most kinds of meat) and drawing. What is the theme of your art, friend, and what kind of medium do you prefer? Many AB artists enjoy using crayons or other childrens' art tools for fun, although I do understand that such can be very difficult to use. Crayons don't blend properly, of course.
    Birds are fantastic. Being a raccoon babyfur (just ask if you don't know what a babyfur is), I have felt I would choose a bird to represent myself if not a raccoon. Avian creatures have fantastic personalities and pretty colored feathers, i like that. My family has several dogs that I love to death and couldn't give them up for birds, though.
    I usually use apparel, such as childlike shoes, clothing, pajamas, to help me feel regressed and little. Is this something you do, have any baby or kid clothes you like? it's great hearing from a new AB.

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    Hi! Nice to meetcha. What foods do you like? Indian is always awesome for people that shy from meat. I was actually vegetarian for 5 years... working in a restaurant wears on that xD I started again basically just because I thought about why I did it and decided to change. I still eat more veggie foods than meat though! As for drawing, I use pen more than anything, which you'd figure would just make life harder, but I rarely use pencil, or erase even if I do... thank my art teacher for that-he wanted us to learn to make as few mistakes as possible and really think out what we were drawing before doing so. If you used the eraser too much he'd either give you a pen or an eraserless pencil! I like using crayons for some stuff though. I still have an obsession with crayons at 20! x)

    I do know what babyfurs are! I love raccoons, unlike a lot of people. I hate that they have a field day with our garbage no matter what defensive measures we may use, hehe, but I still think they're cute. I'm always impressed by fursuits, for those who make them. How do people make those??! I'd never be able to in a million years. Birds are fantastic, but at the same time they are like feathered toddlers! Even doves, who aren't nearly as high-maintenance as parrots, good god! haha. Why did you choose racoon, if I can ask?

    I don't have much apparel, not at the moment anyway... I still live at home and it'd be pretty hard to keep that stuff under wraps! I might try my luck once I do some major cleaning and actually get some closet space back though. I do have stuffed animals, one that I've had since I really was a baby and a few others. I also have a little blanket ^__^ I love that thing and its easy to just keep on the bed under covers.

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    I decided to represent myself as a raccoon because of their demeanor. I feel I'm quirky like a raccoon; in many ways I feel I can relate to them.
    My favorite foods usually incorporate broccoli tomatoes or spicy peppers. I enjoy spicy food very much so indian and thai food are favorites of mine.
    Fursuits can be very simple. The fancy ones you see in pictures are made by people who craft for profit, but many others make simple but cute fursuits ,which could be described as footy pajamas with paws ears and tails. I think there's a childlike appreciation for cute fuzzy creatures which brings many *Bs into the furry fandom.
    It's not difficult to hide clothes, if you keep down the volume. One pair of pajamas that you really like, or some neat overalls to wear are pretty concealable in a dresser. In most cases, you shouldn't be scared about buying these things either - especially during the holiday season where most people could just assume you are buying a gift.

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