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Thread: Double Padding?

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    Default Double Padding?

    Could someone please explain to me what exactly double (triple, quadruple, octuple, dodectuple, etc) padding implies? I'd thought it was just about wearing one nappy on top of another, but then someone started talking about cutting holes in it and I got confused. Can anyone help?

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    Sure thing, double diapering is basically wearing one diaper inside another. The reason why one would cut holes in the "inner" diaper is to allows drainage from one layer to the other, its a technique used with disposables, anyway double diapering allows you to increase thickness and capacity... Anyway there you have it, short sweet and to the point.

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    Double padding and all that is just as it sounds. Wearing multiple diapers over each other, mainly disposables. The whole concept is that each diaper drains into the next, and is mainly done to add thickness, how long you can go without changing, etc.

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    I usually triple pad: two modified Adult diapers as boosters/liners inside the diaper I am wearing. Only the outside (unmodified) diaper is attached/secured by tapes or velcro closures.

    I actually cut most of the plastic or cloth-like material off from the ends and sides of the additional diapers I am going to use as boosters/liners. I also cut off all of the elastic gathers to enable the liner to lay flat. I cut slits in the waterproof outer layers of the liner/boosters with scissors or an exacto knife. I usually do this as an assembly line operation once or twice a week to one or two packs of diapers at a time.

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    When I double pad up I use a biro or similar to make lots and lots of small holes in the outer layer of the inner diaper/nappy, this stops most of the stuffing going all over the place but allows drainage into the outer one. I have done the triple padding before, but do not even try to walk anywhere.

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    I wear 3 or more layers of diapers at night. I normally wear a disposable with a pull on Babykins diaper and a Adult Cloth Diaper flat pin on diaper to bed with a pair of plastic pants. I just enjoy wearing my diapers thick in layers. It brings back fond memories of when I was a little boy the first time around of being thickly diapered for bed time!

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    If you have the money, don't waste diapers... just get Abri-Lets! Seriously is just like putting another diaper on!

    XP Medical - Abena Abri-San Incontinence Pads
    XP Medical - Booster pads and diaper doublers

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    When I want to wear a really thick diaper, I wear a Bambino with a quaddro pad, then either a pull on cloth diaper, or a velcro cloth diaper, then plastic pants over the whole thing. I don't poke holes in the bambino, the cloth is there primarily to deal with leaks.

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    i tripple pad every night, its so thick and comfy

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