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    Sending a big hello!
    hm, it's a tad bit unusual that no one replied. While I cannot say for certain why that is, I imagine some people did not really see anything to say, as you only said "hello." You would certainly get more responses if you included some of your hobbies and interests, especially those outside of *B/DL. For example, I like to read, bike, and take photos. If you are having trouble thinking of something, one of the mods wrote an article titled Cheat Sheet to a Great Introduction.

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    Well hello,

    I'm sure if you look around here you'll see some fellow Aussies here too...

    I haven't been Dow under in about 4-5 years...but love it down there...Sydney is such a nice city...

    Hope you have a good time looking around and feel free to post just about anything...even off topic is usually cool with tis group...

    No flaming allowed !!!!

    Have fun

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    Hiya Dan and greetings from another sydney sider! Welcome to the site ^_^

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    hello from me too; for the record I am an ancient portly raccoon, graying a bit, stuck where it is cold and snowy... I was absent from the forums a while but came back. And here I am.

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