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Thread: Something that scares the shit out of me... UGH

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    Default Something that scares the shit out of me... UGH

    I've been lately having the same damn dream over and over and it is to the point where I can get rid of it is booze. It's really that bad. It's a dream of a possible situation.

    In my dream, and I probably have written about it before but for some reason it STILL scares me. In my dream, it's one night after I get off work, and I am at the bar. Having a few beers, and mellowing out. Suddenly the power goes out. We just keep things going as the tabs are well-kept.

    Anyway, we feel a vibration, like a large vehicle moving on the brick road where my bar is... and there it is. A giant, Chinese tank. It's being escorted by a few local PD cruisers and behind it is a Chinese troop transport.

    Chinese soldiers are on the streets, telling people in English, "Go home, go where it safe. Not safe here,"

    That was dream one. I recently had another dream a week ago. This dream scared me even to the point where I couldn't sleep for DAYS. it was following said events in that dream. And this was very recent mind you... I still have trouble sleeping because of this dream.

    In the dream, the United States is occupied, the Chinese are in power... They run us. There are Chinese troops everywhere along side North Koreans as well. IN my dream, I could see the North Koreans acting with China.

    There are no rights. I can see in my dream, the local PD working with the Chinese to maintain order, even though I can see some dislike doing that. In my dream, I have to show ID JUST to go to work. I also have to show a ration card to get foodstufs.

    It was like something out of fucking 'Red Dawn'. I have been having these dreams repeatedly.

    Anyone else have dreams like that that scare the shit out of them?


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    Commies? On my pure capitolist soil? Oh hell no!

    That dream sounds terrible. God damn the brain!

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    Well, i don't dream much (or don't remember/ whatever) and it's even rarer to have a dream as coherent as that...

    It may also be because of how multi-ethnic the area i live in is, but i'd never subconciouslly assign a generic evil power to any sort of country. I mean, i know the Chinese regime is really screwed up, but when someone mentions china i think of a couple of freinds and take-aways :P

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    i've had plenty of standard type dreams... falling, drowning, dying even... but the ones that scare me the most are when i just have a panic attack while i'm sleeping...
    When I'm REALLY exhausted, sometimes i will stop breathing at night... this isn't sleep apnea because i sleep on my stomach... and then my body will like dump the entirety of the adrenal glands onto me...

    The scary part of it all is that i'm always conscious during these occurrences... conscious, but i can't move since my body's still paralyzed for REM sleep... so I know i'm not breathing, and powerless to do anything about....

    I remember one dream that scared the crap out of me....... I was walking down a hallway towards a reception desk in an apartment complex... and then there was fear.... just fear... the most pure and unadulterated fear that i've felt in my entire life...

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    I don't think it is necessarily a racial component to the OPs fears. The People's Republic is the country we are most at odds with. Still, might as well start stockpiling guns just in case. Know any good gun stores in the Akron area?

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    Sounds more like "Red Napoleon" by Floyd Gibbons. Written in the late 20', early 30's I think.

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    Sounds alot like Red Dawn imo. Hope this never turns into a reality, I know I'll definitely fight back if it got remotely close.

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    Recurrent dreams,

    They are disturbing...

    I only have a few dreams and they all involve me make it short...

    But you have to try to put the fear aside and remember is is a dream no matter what...

    This is really hard and my fear of water has come from my dream over the years...not a good thing at all...

    I still go out one the water and do things around water but in the back of my head the dream is always there...

    I just have one thing left on the subject...try to figure it out...somehow figure out what is going on...even see a shrink of ypu can...anything...else it will keep happening and get worse...

    My got so bad that for several years I didn't do anything by or near water...but after trying to face my fear I've been able to get back the things I gave up and feel much better and have those dreams much less... But still not over is all the way yet...I have had a setback as well with an injury to my foot in a car crash just after my house burnt down...yep bad I can't swim too fact swimming more than 50 feet is darn near I'm having to del with that now...but enuff of my rant...

    You talk to people about recurrent dreams that bother you else they will hinder you in the end...

    Good job bring it up on the forum I know that is real tough...


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    I've had bizarre/disturbing dreams that were quite vivid that I can remember years after, but I don't think I've ever had a dream that would keep me from sleeping or wanting to sleep. I generally enjoy my dreams even when they'd be considered nightmares by most people. A good nightmare is like a good horror movie imo.

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