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    Hey everyone i am kind of new to all of this and the point has been made to make a nice introduction so here goes. I am just your average guy who happens to like wearing diapers. I have been pretty shy up until now about talking about it but i have found many supportive sites such as this one I like to bowl, fish,hunt,hike,camp,shooting guns, and traveling (I have been to england,portugal,florida and a few other places). I like outdoorsy stuff and i especially like urban exploration (exploring abandoned places etc). I like chatting with people and meeting new people. I am very easygoing and if you wanna know more feel free to hit me up

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    I'm going to go on a whim and guess that you're a sports fan that either lives in or has some connection Philadelphia ^^. I propose we nickname you Flyer :P

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC, I hope you'll stick around.


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    Well hello there, welcome to ADISC.

    Funny intro here; it gave me deja vu for some reason. Oh, that's because only an hour before you posted this, the same thing was posted here:

    I'm a college writing tutor, and I know plagiarism when I see it. Next time you quote someone, please use quotation marks ("...") and remember to introduce the author with a signal phrase. Then, site your work once you are finished. For instance:

    Proper in-text citation
    According to dlmike01 in his post "Hey Everyone," "(your quote of his exact words here)."

    Works Cited
    dlmike01. "Hey Everyone". ADISC., Dec. 2010. Web. 24 Dec. 2010.

    There, and you will have successfully quoted a source and given it proper documentation using the newest MLA standards.

    In other words, read the site rules and take a look at my super handy-dandy intro cheat sheet. Then, you can come back in and give this another try, this time using your own words, and not lying by using someone else's, even if (by some amazing coincidence) the story really does match yours.

    Thread closed.

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