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Thread: There Are Nice People Out There

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    Default There Are Nice People Out There

    This doesn't really have anything to do with anything. Well last night I was Christmas shopping at a local CVS store. (I know, kinda late). Well I was walking back to my car, when I dropped a dollar without noticing it. A guy who was walking in the other direction noticed it and said,"Hey, I think you dropped a dollar." I go, oh, I did, Thank You!

    I thought it was so kind of someone to be polite like that. It made me smile. Anyone do anything like that to make you smile?

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    Although I'm usually the one doing the noticing, I've actually forgotten my purse once. I left it at a restaurant and fortunately one of the cleaning ladies found it and put it behind the counter. I didn't even realize I hadn't grabbed it for hours and when I did I freaked out. Mainly because -everything- is in my purse. To say I was happy when I got my purse back is an understatement.

    As for me finding things, I noticed a cellphone laying on the side of the road once. I stopped, picked it up and turned it on. Then had a friend call one of the numbers and found that it belonged to the guy's daughter and that she liked to bike up and down that road and had lost it the day before. My friend kept it and the dad came and picked it up later.

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    I lost my wallet one day. I back track every place I went but no one had turned it in. I gave up and went home. The next day my sister called me and said someone called her and said they had my wallet and had found her number in it. I called the guy and sure enough he had found my wallet in a parking lot. I meet up with the guy and got my wallet back. All my money and everything was still in it. I thanked the guy and offered to pay him for all his trouble and he wouldn't accept it. I did convince him to let me buy him a coffee.

    I was amazed someone, a random person would find and return a wallet full of cash and not take anything.

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    I was riding through my neighborhood on my bike when i see this blackberry lying in the grass next to the curb. I pick it up, and it had about 5 missed calls from the same number labeled "home". I realized someone was trying to find the phone so I picked it up and went home. i called the "home" number back and the owner was extremely overjoyed that I found it. Apparently, it was his business phone and he had to make a very important sales call to a client that day or the account might get lost (i think that was what he said :P) So He rushed over and tried to give me some reward for finding it (i vehemently refused, wishing him luck on the sales call when he left).
    He wrote us a nice letter a few days later thanking me again for finding it.
    Funniest part of it: I was like 7 at the time. haha. Just shows that sometimes the best reward is knowing that he might have gotten in trouble had i not found it. Wierd moral. And sorry if the story seems exaggerated, remember i was like 7 so my memory of the event might be biased :O

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    I twice forgot my iPhone in a taxi, and both times the taxi driver pointed it out to me. I really need to be more careful with that thing... Anyway, moral of the story: small town taxi drivers are really, really nice.

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    My mom once left her wallet/purse thingy on the cars roof which also held her phone inside and she drove off without knowing but luckily some nice people found it and called the last person my mom had called and it turned out to be my aunt (my mom's sister) and my mom was able to get it back with all her money and credit cards and phone intact. She was really grateful ad heven brought flowers for the nice people.

    Anyway, I've also done some nice stuff for other people. For example the other week at the cinema getting snacks the guy in front of me left his iPhone 4 but i didn't notice until he had gone and even though my friends said I should keep it I gave it in and they put it behind the counter and as I was leaving I saw him run back to the counter and ask if they had his iPhone. Also, another good deed I did was at school where I found a 10 note on the floor so I picked it up and all my friends fellow students kept on saying I should keep it but I gave it in at the school reception without telling anyone so no one would try to claim it for themselves because that could have been someones hard earned money so I did the right thing.

    Unfortunately I haven't been so lucky cause I've had money and 2 phones stolen off me during school when my school blazer has been in the changing rooms and about 100 worth of stuff stolen from me when some low life broke into my home during exams which put on a lot more stress for me

    Even though I know that some people will always go for the easy option and just take what they find base on "finders keepers, losers weepers" I try to be good and hand in stuff that people have probably lost. Even though most of the time the people don't get to thank me or even get to see me I always like to try and make the world a better place by doing one good deed at a time

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    I would return a wallet without taking anything.
    If you returned it empty, the first suspect would be you. But that's not why I would return it full. I just know it would suck to have my wallet, but lose all of the money in it.

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    Last year, I was sitting next to a little girl and her mom at a show during The International Festival in Houston. She was like 4 or 5 years old. She pointed up at the sky and said "An angel!"

    I looked up, and there wasn't anything there. Aside from being slightly creeped out, it also made me smile. Maybe kids see things that we can't? hehehe

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    I love those moments. Once..and this is kinda pathetic but I love those little anima/manga cheapo style organizers they sell in dollar stores, and one day after school , I was like 12 or something I was DYING for a Pink Hana organizer.

    Yes I was obsessed with Pink Hana ;3

    SOOOO I needed just one more quarter..and the lady was like *you dont have enough*..So I left the dollar store with my head hung in shame lol..

    and some lady was ruunning affter me and she said here....i saw you needed a quarter ...and I was like OMG *sparkly eyed* TANKS!

    That was the best :3

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    I once deposited a paycheck during my lunch break and came back with $60 more than I should have had (three $20 bills). Checked the receipt, and the correct amount went into my account- it wasn't as if I got back $60 too much in cash and $60 too little went into the system. Being a former bank teller, I knew two things. First, I looked at the breakdown of my deposit and realized that a very common mistake in mental deposit-math by the teller (that I'd made multiple times in the past myself, but had always caught) caused the miscalculation. Second, given that this was a busy branch on a Friday, the teller was probably slammed and had no idea she was off. Now any cashier takes it on faith they aren't off, but bank tellers are a special breed. I'd worked at a neighborhood branch, albeit a very busy one, and would still see a daily cash flux as high as $50,000 when the stars aligned. So you're really taking it on faith you haven't screwed up big. Anyway, I called up the branch and told them of the error (I wish I could have gotten to the teller directly, but I didn't know her name). They shut her down for a few minutes so she could prove her box and yep, she was short $60. I told her to go back and edit the transaction for another $60 back to me. I still remember how grateful she was- one thing you learn as a teller is that when you let too much money out, it's G-O-N-E. Customers returning money simply doesn't happen. As this was her career, we both knew I saved her ass big time and I was as happy to be able to help out a teller as she was happy I did so.

    Back when I was a teller, I once worked a Friday with a pile of brand-new sticky $100 bills. I spent the entire day paranoid about them. It turned out I was right to be paranoid, as at the end of the day it turned out that I gave someone a nice $100 tip. Being able to help save someone else from the same error I'd embarrassingly made years earlier really helped me put it in the past.

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