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    I hope this is the right place to post this if not move this moderator (moo?),
    Anyway of those of you who are married and have kids who are growing up has any of this become sort of weird? I guess to better explain it I am married and have a 3 year old that currently is in pull-ups and 99% potty trained I would say. Im a DL/AB and am into Diapers and Pacifiers and bottles and what not but weirdly I can't drink milk from a bottle NOW after having my son, it just feels too creepy weird so I use gatorade instead. Juice is the same thing. TOO Weird. Anyone else experience these kinds of feelings when regressing?

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    I'm actually not married but the people who live me with me have a 15 month old. The only time I've ever have that issue is when we are low on milk. I would much rather ensure that it's there for the boy then using myself.

    I don't have a kid of my own, so I can't really speak from experience. You think, perhaps, that when using milk or juice you link that to being some-what of a necessity for your child, instead of a desire for yourself?

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    I am neither married nor a parent, but I'm swiftly headed down that road. In fact, I just had surgery for infertility yesterday, so babies are definite possibility in my future (whoopie!). What I can say is that I do feel a little weird around children, especially when both of us are wearing diapers. What I suspect is that it will be weirder for my spouse, who is not an ABDL, than it will be me. My spouse actually wants to work with children professionally. On the one hand, that love of children and parental character is a big part of what draws me to her; on the other, I sense that her constant interaction with children vis-a-vis being married to an adult child will probably create some cognitive dissonance for her. So I guess my answer is that it will be a little weird for me, but far weirder for my future spouse.

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