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Thread: hey im a teen diaper lover

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    Cool hey im a teen diaper lover

    ive been a bed wetter now my whole life so my parents made me wear diapers to bed at night when i was younger. well as time went on i started likeing to wear diapers i wear pull ups now like 24/7
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    sounds safe to give your phone # to the internet.....

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    Please edit this so that your private information is not on here. There are always creepers lurking on every site, and they will use whatever they can to get to you.

    So I am begging you, please take that information off.

    Also, perhaps you should write something on the Introduction board. Ya know, so we can get to know you better.

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    Should've posted in introductions first, and you really shouldn't just publicly display your phone number like that. o-o

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    Teen eh? Hmm, don't know many teens who are actually 21 years old. This has left me so confused that I decided to ban you and close this thread.

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