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Thread: What's the difference between the uk and us fandom?

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    Default What's the difference between the uk and us fandom?

    Was just reading a thread over at the Ukfur forums and thought I'd throw it out over here too as we have a more diverse British majority site would yeild.

    People always comment on how the two sides of the pond have different approaches to furry, with different structures or different forms of furry expression.

    I'd like to try to avoid stereotypes too if possible, but ask that if they do come up they be handled maturely rather than a decent into flame wars.

    to get started i have noticed that among American friends there seems to be a much larger emphasis and focus on conventions in the U fandom than the uk, but I guess that can be attributed to the much more vast disbursement of furries there as opposed to here.

    In the uk we have frequent local meets and are the most densely packed population of furries in Europe, with some local meets being handled by elected committees and held monthly at regular hired locations.

    While we have our cons, there's much less exitement about them than elsewhere around the globe purely because we get to meet up on a regular basis.

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    As you said, from what I hear, the UK puts more emphasis and effort into local meets, whereas we Americans go for cons more then local meets. There are local meets, and regular groups, but much less notification considering our country is widely dispersed, so breaking down meets to state areas isn't as effective. Whereas I see in Europe, it is easier to interact locally with other furs, so local meets are a better alternative there. It's basically as you said, Euro furs go for local meets more, and US furs go for cons more. Meets can range from weekly to monthly or not at all depending on state and where in the state you are, where cons are every few months. I guess it's also more appealing and easier to plan out a large scale event you'd want to attend since it's a set date, location, and theme in advance, and more people would rather be with large groups of people as opposed to small local ones.

    TL;DR: UK does more local meets, US does more cons.

    That being said, I still want to go to EuroFurence in Germany one day. ^^

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    I'm not completely sure. I know groups that do do local meets weekly in the US. It might very well just have to do with how people plan their time separately from furry stuff.

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    There are a few furcons held in the U.K. I think confuzzled is the next one. I rarely go to the smaller meets nowadays unless I go with a furiend.

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    I went to Europe over the summer to visit my BF, and I noticed the community, as Aero stated, planned a lot more meets. I managed to attend probably 3 meets in the 3 weeks me and the GF stayed with him, most of them being in Bristol and Cardiff.

    With the US, most furries head up cons as opposed to meets, mostly because of how spread out a lot of furries are. I know that there are a few meets every now and then, but from my experiences with local meets (Sacfurs... *Shudder*), they're very few and far between (At least in my area).

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