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Thread: Problem with a roommate

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    Default Problem with a roommate

    Hey guys. I got sort of a sticky situation going on. I got this roommate that has been getting on my nerves as of late. The problem is that he keeps using my stuff like my television and my xbox. Normally I wouldn't have a problem but he tends to fall asleep while playing and leaving my stuff on a static screen all day. I have asked him to be more careful as this is my fourth xbox and also static images could ruin my HDTV. He says thats bulls**t, he has never seen an image get burned in before. Also he tend to sleep on the couch in the living room constantly even though he has his own bedroom with a couch in it. The reason it is a sticky situation is that he is my boyfriend's cousin and he wont say anything to him. My boyfriend just says I don't like his cousin and I shouldn't mind as much. How should I handle this?

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    Butterfly Mage


    How long have you and your boyfriend been together? It sounds like the root cause is that your boyfriend doesn't back you up when you make very reasonable requests.

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    As he does have his own room and it is your stuff I would say you do have a right to set some ground rules. As long as you don't expect anything ridiculous. But get them both together and have a small talk. Cousin or not you have a right to say this is mine and I don't like how you have been abusing it. Please stop doing it or I will move the xbox when I am not using it. At least this way he has a choice to continue what he is doing and losing it or to continue using it with more respect for your property. Try to do this as non confrontational as possible. Let him know that you are just protecting your property from possible damage. If he tries to get loud stay calm and level. This will help your boyfriend see that you aren't trying to pick on his cousin that it's his cousin trying to make it into a scene. I hope this helps and all goes well.

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    Things seem to have sorted themselves out. The roommate in question moved his tv into the living room and hooked up my boyfriend's xbox up to it. His xbox 360 is one of the originals and still works perfectly (go figure). I don't know what was said, I sure hadn't said anything yet to him. My stuff is safe for the time being. Now if I can only get him to sleep in his room and not in the living room lol.

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    If he falls asleep just wake him up and say your gonna watch a movie. If he doesn't move put in a movie with a lot going on. If he wakes up just tell him that you asked him to move before you started the movie.

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    What's the problem with sleeping on the couch? Sleeping on the couch is great.

    Also, if he doesn't take care of your belongings (or your boyfriend's), then don't let him use them.

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    I've heard that images being "burned" into an hdtv is more common with plasma. I can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of this statement. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rheeer View Post
    I've heard that images being "burned" into an hdtv is more common with plasma. I can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of this statement. lol
    Indeed. It used to be a bigger problem that it is with newer sets, but its still possible to leave watermarks. That doesn't change the fact that both plasma and LCD displays lose there quality over time (an LCD display, for example, progressively loses its brightness). If all your afraid about is the screen burn ins, there should be settings on your TV that should help prevent those.

    But ya, its sure nice of him to feel so entitled to your stuff...

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    Set boundaries with this person. Explain to them that what they are doing is a very frustrating, and unneeded process. Ask them kindly to turn off the TV, or if they begin to feel sleepy then to locate their bed and use that, not the couch, and so on.

    If that does not work:

    Just because this person is your boyfriend's cousin does not mean that you should not be stern with this person. Remember: These are YOUR things. If you do have much trouble, and he shrugs you off... it's time to play the strict parent routine.

    Take your Xbox with you. Or unplug a single vital cord - power or video (HDMI, Component, etc.) - and carry it with you at all times. He'll eventually want it back, and will submit. Or take all the pillows from the couch and hide them, so he does not fall asleep on the couch. They are terribly uncomfortable without padding!

    And final resort:

    Do to him what he does to you. Now, do not get me wrong.. I'm not saying to make this person's life a living, frustrating hell, but I am saying that it's probably best to take action, be stern and let him know that you mean business. Invade his personal space, and all of that hooblah.

    Remember: you told him, you asked him, and he shrugged you off.

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    the issue is he sleeps in the living room on the couch constantly even tho he has his own room. He just doesn't fall asleep he will go to his room, get his pillow and blanket then fall asleep on the couch.

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