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    Hello all, Just wanted to introduce myself. Call me NemmyWolf, a name given to me by a friend in Champions Online. I finally have put together that I'm a Furry/Babyfur/DL and as such I'll be posting in that area. May have to buy or make myself a fursuit, would suit me to a T and I somehow doubt anyone in my family would be surprised to see me wearing it. I'm rather fond of wolves so I wouldn't be surprised if they thought "What took you so long?" kidding, but who knows.

    Been a DL since I was about 6 (Yeah, barely out of diapers and I wanted back in) and been a Furry, for quite awhile and heres why....

    Back around 1999-2000'ish I had a rather unusual dream.. yet profound. I dreamt I was in a car with some friends when I finally asked them to stop and let me out near a windy dirt road/path. I was running along the path which was through a wooded area until I finally came to be running on all fours. The experience was exhilerating, the wind flowing through my fur felt natural as if this was how I had been meant to be. After some time running i came upon a Trailer House in the woods and watched a small child at play in front of the home from concealment in some nearby bushes. I curled up to watch her and after awhile the child was called into the house. I drifted off to sleep in those busheshes.. thien I woke up.. I felt entirely at peace at that moment, a truly spiritual moment which I am now glad to have shared.

    Obviously this had a rather unique impact on me and ever since I've been more drawn to wolves and hence my persona. Now you know me and perhaps I will get to know some of you.

    I'll have a profile picture later.. I think I'll draw my own and will add it to my profile once I've drawn it and scanned it or taken a picture of it and saved it to my computer.

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    That's an awesome dream and depiction. I'm writing a novel in which my three main character, children, have their animal spirit persona. Your dream parallels some of the description I have written. Sometimes I wonder if we all carry certain animal genomes in our DNA makeup. Anyway, welcome to the site. Do you have any interesting things that you do? I for one like to ride on our bike trail. I can begin to replicate the speed on an animal running, the wind blowing in my face, and me riding through the trail, flying past the trees as I race through the woods.

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