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Thread: Isn't there a proper pullup?

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    Default Isn't there a proper pullup?

    Seriously isn't there a good pull up? it seems like Many of them just suck and leak and don't form a proper seal. like I'm always afraid they'll leak tabbed diapers are very different. So is there a pull up that isn't shitty? I mean is there a pull up you trust with your life?

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    i havent found one yet......i wish there was one that was both cute and functional. btw i would never wear a pull up for every day use just for role play/fun....

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    If you have the right body build then you might be lucky enough to find one that fits you snuggly. But since they are made to try and fit a range of people ok instead of a specific type perfectly I have doubts you will ever find this perfect pullup, since it would also vary with the individual.

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    Powederhair is right, the Abena pullups are pretty good (at least, as far as pullups go!)

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    I rarely wet mine since I need to make my diapees last for LONG time..but ...yeah i guess the few times I have wetted them they have leaked. sorry.

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    It's pretty annoying that pullup diapers are as sucky as they are. Really, all a pullup needs to do its job well is decent absorbency and good leg elastics to prevent leaks. Its amazing how often diaper companies beef both of them up. Dragsnick, maybe try erring on the smaller side when you're picking out diapers -- a tighter fit might lead to a better seal.

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    Personally, I think pullup and proper are two words that are mutually exclusive. I'm sure there's that 1 in 100 chance they'll fit you well and they'll actually hold something, but chances are good they won't. Maybe the ones at the XP Medical link above are worth a try, though.

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    Some of the overnight store brand pullups are actually pretty absorbant. I wear them at work fairly often. As far as comfortable fit, I find the Depend for men to be comfortable but not as absorbant as a regular adult diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powderhair View Post
    I have not tried them, but I have been told Abena pullups are pretty good.
    XP Medical - Pull Up Disposable Protective Underwear
    I got a sample pack of them with my last order and they actually work well. They are not as good as their Abri-Form diapers, but they are good none the less and if pull ups are what you really want I would recommend ordering some of the Abenas they're pretty much the best you'll find.

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