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    hello everybody nice to see a place where we can talk about our like for nappys and all things babyish.
    I'm into computer games and trying different beers from all over the UK we all have the nappy thing in common so hope to find others who like games and beer.

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    Hi, and welcome to ADISC!
    One important thing to remember:
    Diaper related forums:
    Adult Baby
    Diaper Talk

    Non-diaper forums:
    Fun and Games
    Mature Topics
    All the requests/admin forums
    To an extent babyfur/littlefur

    ADISC is not just about diapers! To quote the rules, "diapers do not rule our lives."
    Once again, welcome to ADISC

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    Hi there,

    I'm a Wadsworth 6X man... (but yes, I do like other beers too)


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    I'll have to try that at some point. Welcome to adisc! For me its a good Dos equis or a Guinness.

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