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Thread: How would you like your coffee, sir?

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    Default How would you like your coffee, sir?

    Coffee, then. A drink enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. The most used psychoactive drug. Drink coffee, do stupider things faster! (or smart things, but so goes the motto).
    However, here's the vital question : How do YOU like drinking your coffee? specifying what kind is also neat.

    I like filter coffee, and I like it with no sugar, or milk. Unless it's aromatic, in which case I will add a little bit of sugar and a small amount of milk. I like to accompany it with some fresh hand rolled cigarettes. Helps me start the day, anytime.

    Coffee drinkers, unite!

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    I like most types of coffee, as long as it has sugar in it, it's good!
    Normally I only have black coffee with sugar in it, but I like caramel late's and mocha's a lot for every once in a while.

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    I personally prefer a long espresso or an americano. Always black ^^.

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    I really love chocolate coffee. Don't get confused, it's coffee, but with a slight chocolate flavor. I have one that's chocolate mint, which is also very good.

    Other than that, I like it with lots of cream and lots of sugar. If it's going to be bad for me, I'm going all out. However, I don't drink a lot of coffee, so it's OK. I probably drink it maybe once or twice every two months or so and I only make a really tiny pot of it.

    I used to love getting Mocha Joes from Burger King, but then they changed the way they made them and they're not as good. BTW: I actually figured out how to make them at home (or at least what I make is so similar that I can't really tell the difference), so every so often during the summer I'll make a big pitcher and spend the next couple of days drinking it. All it is is my chocolate coffee (BK uses regular), cut with a whole gallon of chocolate milk and refrigerated. For that I use a big pot of coffee. I'm going to try it with the small pot next time to see if I can get the ratio better.

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    Dunkin Donuts black coffe. I am not one of those douchebags that will pay $12 for burned tasting coffe at starbucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelCity View Post
    Dunkin Donuts black coffe. I am not one of those douchebags that will pay $12 for burned tasting coffe at starbucks.
    What is with people who pay out that much money for coffee anyway? I've heard people say it's because it's 'better', but then I think that what I make myself at home probably tastes better than that and cost less too. :\

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    I usually sweeten it to a moderate degree with Splenda and hazelnut creamer (usually iced), but lately I've been taking it black (but only hot). Less calories that way. Though I do enjoy a latte once in a while when I want to splurge. (Or when I'm at my Grandparents' house and they let me use their espresso machine to make their friends lattes with the funky designs in them.)

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    Touch of heavy whipping cream + cinnamon. Tasty.

    Though I'm more of a coca tea man myself.

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    I will drink coffee just about any way, but I prefer to brew really strong, dark stuff with cinnamon or nutmeg and take it black.

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