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Thread: Any tips on browsing privately with an Android phone?

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    Default Any tips on browsing privately with an Android phone?

    Recently I got a Droid x for me birthday and I've come to ignore my laptop. So I wondered how I could browse Adisc on my android without the hassle of deleting history any like. So I got taptalk pro and now i can browse here without the worry of a friend using the browser.

    I just realized how much that sounded like a tv ad lol. Any other smartphone or tablet users that have their own method of browsing?

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    I use the standard Blackberry browser with the mobile skin on my phone, and Tapatalk or the regular Android browser on my Galaxy Tab. My only gripe about Tapatalk is that it doesn't suppress the forums that I don't want to see, like the website does.

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    Moved to off-topic as part of my efforts to clear out the admin stuff queue.
    Did not want to close this, though, in case anyone had tips they wanted to add.

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    You can use a web proxy and clear out your visited sites/cookies regularly. You can also try Tor for Android.

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