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Thread: God, I hate ESPN and how they make fun of Cleveland....

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    Default God, I hate ESPN and how they make fun of Cleveland....

    First and foremost I am from Kent, OH and yes I am a Cavaliers fan from way back before LeBron James was even born! I was watching ESPN tonight while hanging out at the bar and I really wanted to smash one fo the 40-inch TVs with a pint glass.

    They did a segment of Ten Things that make Cavs fans Cry... when I saw that and I admit- I was somewhat bombed as it is MY BIRTHDAY- I wanted to punch something. ESPN is BIASED. Very biased against cities like Cleveland. Shit, if it were up to them we wouldn't have an NFL team, MLB team, or even an NBA team.

    ESPN was just poking the bear. I just want thing- a Cleveland championship to shut UP those ESPN pundits and tell them to get over their love-affair with Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York and realize that smaller market teams cna compete too. I STILL think ESPN set LeBron James up to go to Miami cause they hate Cleveland.


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    And them being biased surprises you?

    I mean, it's ESPN.
    Everyone's biased, male dominated sport networks aren't an exception.

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    (Insert joke about Cleveland here.)

    I have a really hard time buying that ESPN has a legitimate bias against Cleveland. The Cavs are awful right now. Is it really so hard to see why a sports network might do a humorous segment about a team that went from title contender to one of if not the worst team in the league after losing LeBron? It's a really obvious punchline.

    This is just not worth getting all worked up about. Sports commentators are paid to make sports news interesting and making fun of bad teams is interesting to most of the viewing audience. There isn't some inherent bias against Cleveland, but rather a bias towards doing the job that they were paid to do.

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    Yeah, I don't think ESPN is biased against Cleveland. Let's face it, The Cavs suck, the Indians suck (and ftr, I'm a huge Tribe fan), and the Browns also suck. Face it, sports wise, being from Northeast Ohio is just difficult when it comes to sports. At least we still have the Buckeyes.

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    Quite frankly I hate how much espn talks about pro football. It is seriously on every show from mike and mike to sports center. And yes they are very bias!

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    The only really big bias on ESPN has been usually towards the SEC and Notre Dame. But really, at the moment there isn't much in Cleveland (sports wise) that is good. the Cavs are horrible, the Indians lost most of what they had going for them years ago (due to not having the same money as bigger markets), and Browns are not good right now.

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    I was just offended when I saw the whole thing last night because I didn't want to be reminded all the time about how LeBron left Cleveland. Cleveland has had it tough in sports. The Browns haven't done anything in a long time and the Indians well... their owner lost a lot of money following the 9/11 stock market crash.

    I just am not happy with the way we're constantly the butt of ESPN's jokes. I love my teams, Cavs, Indians and Browns. Been a fan of all those teams all my life and will be til the day I die.

    I just was a bit offended by that segment as a Cavaliers fan from the dark days of the early 80s to LeBron and back to the dark days again. I still go to the games, I still root for the team.


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    Well, look at the bright side - John Kasich is going to make the entire state completely unlivable by 2014. So we'll all have to find new teams to root for. Possibly in China (which, if Rob Portman has his way, is where all of Ohio's job will go).

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    Very true... but I am just going to keep doing what I do best and that's enjoy life at it's fullest. Sigh. Oh well.


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    things can turn around anyways, I remember going to Suns games for free because the team was so terrible in the late 90s. Hell the Cardinals sucked for decades, and finally turned it around a couple years ago (until this season, but still), As did the Yotes (terrible since 2000, finally made the playoffs last year).

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