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Thread: Urodynamics study. - ok that hurt.

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    Default Urodynamics study. - ok that hurt.

    Hello - I had a urodynamics study today, i thought i would do a post for anyone else that might be having one done soon. For the faint of heart please stop reading now...

    For anyone facing this procedure the only good thing I can say is, it only lasts 30 minutes or so. The first thing done was the Dr stuck a red catheter (I say stuck, it was more like drilled) to remove any and all urine from my bladder. That first catheter was removed and a second smaller one was inserted, I would like to say it did not hurt as much, but it did, very sharp burning pain. Well after 20 minutes of filling my bladder up with steril saline solition and marking when I leaked his diagnose was well I was incontinent. Gee maybe the fact that I had wet my diaper twice while waiting would be his first clue. He and the nurse were both very nice even though I managed to pee all over the floor and made a general mess of the room. My bladder holds only 75ml before it contracts, normal is around 350ml for someone my size.

    I was offered other options such as more drugs or even different surgeries. I really do not feel any of them is quite necessary at this time, I am fine with diapers for now.

    A urodynamics study is not a lot of fun, has anyone else any stories they would care to share?

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    I've never had a urodynamics study nor a need for one, but I have been catheterized many times. I had back surgery in 1986 for a tumor that was growing on the nerves in my spinal column. A brain surgeon cut a keyway into my spine and peeled the tumor off the nerves that run down the spine and into the lower extremities. After the surgery I was able to walk and run again, but I couldn't urinate. A female nurse taught me how to catheterize myself. I learned that if you relax and accept it, it doesn't hurt. This went on for several weeks until the swelling from the surgery went down. That took the pressure off the nerves and suddenly I was able to pee. I can't tell you what a relief that was.

    Having sterile saline put into you bladder sounds very uncomfortable indeed. I wish you the best in all of this.

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    i am going on Monday to have the test done. I have had it done 4 or 5 years ago if you relax you should not have any pain. I will let you know how I make out after the test.

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    Relax - I tried, boy I sure did try. Now every time I urinate I still have that sharp pain, but I am sure it wil start to get better after a day or two.

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    I had that same test done a year ago it isn't a fun test...

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    I did not have this test but I have been examined inside with a camera and it did not hurt -except for the brief moment they entered the bladder. The equipment and my penis were covered with pain stopping gel and the penetrating equipment had fluid coming out of it so the route was lubed and widened. No problems afterwards either.

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    Yeah - after me jumping several times the Dr started using the pain killing gel, note to anyone that is going to have this done, get the pain killing gel early.

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    Jeesh. And I being a male would probably have to go through this kind of hell.

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    I haven't had an urodynamic test but I did have a catheter put in me after my appendicitis surgery as I couldn't pee (as a result of strong medication and anesthesia) despite the strong urge to do so ..
    Well, what can I say? It really really really hurts like hell! It's a very sharp pain, like if they were sticking needles up in my urethra.
    Once it's in there, you can clearly feel it, and everytime you move, it pulls the catheter and burns all the way along your urethra.
    They took it out the next day, I asked them to do it slowly (as I was really scared), but instead, the nurse pulled it at once and in less than a second it was out. I thank her for that even though the pain was very bad, it didn't last long at all. I was really scared to go to the loo after that but surprisingly it didn't hurt much and it wasn't burning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babbler110 View Post
    Yeah - after me jumping several times the Dr started using the pain killing gel, note to anyone that is going to have this done, get the pain killing gel early.
    it's not pain killing gel, its a urojet, which is in medical terms besides its nickname of urojet called Lidocaine 2%, which is actually a numbing agent. it doesn't kill pain at all, but rather after about a few minutes it numbs what are the gel contacts, so as to avoid immediate pain.

    its hard to buy online, and if you order this gel it costs $200 as you can only buy it in bulk packs.
    (yes i've read up on catheter use, proves i've been here to long XD)

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