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Thread: How to address the question of a person wearing diapers who need them.

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    Default How to address the question of a person wearing diapers who need them.

    There are many times people question why anyone would need to wear diapers, especially being a bedwetter or someone with medical complications.

    For some reason there are stigmas in our society that says the diapers are only for babies or people with severe developmental disabilities or people who are bedridden/senile and severe medical complications should only have a reason to wear diapers.

    Posted here is an interesting article that addresses this stigma:

    Reasons for the Stigma Surrounding Diaper Use in Older Bed-wetters and Ways to Reduce the Stigma

    Was wondering how helpful this is to those who really have a need or otherwise. Would love to hear what you think.

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    That's a good page to share! Definitely some good points in there for the bedwetters here/anywhere.

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    wow! just wow! thats all i can really say....excellent article.....

    i will say that this is something more for society then for those of us who face having to wear diapers.....once society accepts diapers as a legitimate solution to incontinence and bedwetting then the stigma will start to disapear. i dont believe that most people who have to wear them can begin to feel alright about wearing them until they feel society doesnt look down on them or view them as less of a person because they have to wear them......for the longest time this was a major problem for me when i was little.....society instills so much starting at such a young age and one of them is diapers are meant for babies and its so true because of that beleif youth and adult diapers are designed and marketed for astetics over funtion and it makes me flipping mad....
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    Very good article. That's the biggest reason why I like diapers. I want to show support for kids/teens, even adults that need diapers

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    That article was definitely worth a read, so I posted it to facebook.

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    Thanks for posting that! That was a great/informative article. Every bedwetter should read it!

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