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    Hello - I am introducing myself.

    I am from the West Coast, USA. I am incontinent due to Multiple Sclerosis and introduced to being an AB by a woman friend and I have found being a baby a great stress reliever.

    I work in the Tech Industry for a large company you have heard of. My MS has not progressed so much that I cannot still scuba dive and ride my motorcycle.

    Lastly - I love Tinkerbell in the original Peter Pan movie.

    Thanks - Babbler.

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    Hello! I have only ever scuba dived (?) once before but it was great fun! What bike/s do you ride?

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    Welcome! I'm glad you can still do things you love to do! Viva la vida loca!
    What exactly do you do in the Tech Industry (like you specifically, not me asking wtf it is xD) if you don't mind me asking?
    IDK if it's relatable, but i do some 3D modelling and graphics design! Ever hear of the program "GIMP"?

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    How do all - Thanks for the Welcome.

    I ride a BMW bike I bought a few years ago.

    As far as the Tech Industry goes I am a hardware EE, that means laying out and verifing circuit layouts. I also write device drivers at and one level above the BIOS leve although we do not use BIOS we use EFI.

    Also I might add, just like astronauts many SCUBA divers that wear dry suits are, err, should we say well padded. Some of them have started out with the thin Wallgreens or Depends, I have steered them towards Abina or Molicare.

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