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Thread: Your Favorite Diaper of 2010

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    Default Your Favorite Diaper of 2010

    Well the year is coming to a close, so why not look back and reflect?

    Basically, just list your favorite diaper from 2010 and what you liked about it/didn't like about it.

    I think based on reviews, Abena would be mine because of the bulkiness and amount it can hold

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    I have a soft spot for the current version of goodnites. They are stretchier than the last few years and fit better. They are not the best diaper by any means but they are so darn cute

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    Goodnites. The good: They are so soft, I just love the feel of them, and I can actually fit into them. The bad: They aren't the best fit The ugly: Seeing a huge guy like me wearing one =o

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    I think, my first brief brush with diapers eight years ago aside, 2010 is really the only year I have even had diapers. I just mentioned this in another thread but I have tried three brands: Abena, Molicare, and Dry 24/7. Of those three, the Molicare is my favorite. The Abenas don't fit me great for some reason and tend to get loose around the waist really fast. The Dry 24/7 might be good for me, but I ordered medium samples and they're way too big and I can only really wear them over something else. I'd like to try the smalls at some point.

    The Molicares I like the best mostly just because they're the most comfortable. I really like the super soft plastic they use, and the interior fluff, which a lot of people complain about clumping, is much softer than the stiff Abenas. They also fit me just right, staying tight around the waist even though they have no waist band and I have yet to have one leak on me, even laying down.

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    I have had a 2008 model GoodNites, the 2006 model GoodNites, and the recent. I will have to say the 2008 model are by far the best. Crinkly, feel great, hold a lot more than the new ones, and to me, comfortable. Er, I think its the ones with the Dirt Bikes on them, or maybe they are BMX bikes? Who cares, they own

    Happy holidays!

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    i'd have to say Bambino Classico, the ones that are printed ... good fit/no leaks

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    I'm still sold on ABU Super Dry Kids...The single tapes, soft outer plastic, very comfy inner area, and the added scent just makes it my all time fave

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    The biggest issue with diapers this upcoming year is probably going to be the price, since that absorbent stuff has gone up pretty significantly. Sad, but maybe it'll get better as time goes on.

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    The current Goodnites are by far my favorite.

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    Teddy Bambinos, first run. Once you figure out you don't stretch the tapes while putting them on that are just as good if not better then the classicos, only with cuter prints.

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