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Thread: Getting Surgery Done On My Hand

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    Default Getting Surgery Done On My Hand

    Well, after being the genius I am and giving my left 5th metacarpal (bone under where the pinky starts), I have to go get my hand slit open and have it screwed back together due to the nature of the displacing. And there will be no cast, too much swelling. You should see it, my left hand is basically -yellow-.

    But, it's gonna be a long day tomorrow. So help me if I wake up missing a hand I'm gonna do nothing because I'll be too sad.

    But, happy thoughts that I'll walk out of there with my left pawsies ^,,^

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    Don't worry if they could fix my leg, that was destroyed, you should have no problem with your hand, they will give you something to relax, and then after you hit the OR you won't remember a thing, when you wake up

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    Good luck. It sounds like relatively minor surgery, and I'm sure you'll do fine. Really, it's your family/friends who are waiting for you who have the long day, you will go to sleep and know nothing until hours later.

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    Hope that's the case. Last time I woke up from surgery (had appendix removed and then they went in again to take away a piece of my colon), I was in god awful pain.

    As a side note, I hate typing with one hand

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    Well good luck anyway!

    I've been under the knife more times that I can count. Nothing will go wrong. These surgeons perform mind-boggling feats within the body, a problem with the hand is as easy as a Sunday lunch to them.

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    Good luck with your surgery. I doubt there's any surgery you can wake up from without pain. Cutting your body open and removing stuff is not going unnoticed by your brain, so expect more pain.

    And be more careful with your hand next time so you don't need more surgery on it (don't play with explosives, and cut back on the playing with yourself )!


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    My dad has had surgery done on both of his hands in the past and everything turned out fine. They did one hand at a time so he could still write and things like that, so the only side effect was him not being able to use one of his hands for about 3-5 weeks afterwords.

    Hope everything works out. ^_^

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    Alright, update time.

    The worst part of the whole thing, was actually getting my IV in lol. The nurse was treating my like a child, comforting me and asking me questions while another nurse put it in.

    When I woke up from the surgery, I was completely out of it for a couple minutes. And spent most of the day napping. I just woke up from my 3rd, and took a pain killer earlier. I have no Idea why kids take this stuff to feel good. I feel pretty terrible right now haha.

    But, I get my follow up friday, so I just gotta relax.

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    I broke the bone in my pinky on my left-hand when I was 7. The doctor just put it in a split and of course I played with it all of the time. It ended up healing crooked and now when I hold my hands up palms together, you can see the pinky's don't line up. I can force them too, but it's not it's "natural" spot anymore.


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