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Thread: Hallo evry1!

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    Red face Hallo evry1!

    Hey ADISC! I'm Evan and i have been snooping around the site for a year or few and finally decided to get an account. I play some Lacrosse, golf, and a little, itsi-bitsi amount of tennis (both of the table and full-court species). I enjoy drawing, graphics design, 3D Modelling (preferred programs: Google Sketchup and Blender, though i enjoy any CAD software), architecture (hopefully i get a job as an Architect or at least something graphics-design related. I will gladly take other types of jobs if i can find them ) (aren't I just the master of parenthetical phrases??? )
    But anyway, that was my long way of saying Hello to all of you!
    PS: I have no idea what this emoticon would be used for except to describe an incredible love for pizz, but i like it so

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    Red face Welcome to ADISC from Australia.

    Hallo evry1 says back, (well at least JohnABinAUS) says "Hallo." Welcome EvanNibbler to ADISC.

    So glad that you decided to join as a member after checking us out. I will look forward to your contributions.

    I am not into sports, but I do a little graphic drawing and would love to formally learn CAD some day, (it was only analogue when I did drawing and design in Engineering too many years ago). Some of my main interests are history, science and astronomy.

    Yes you sure are a master of the parenthetical phases, (but the larger graphic after the word "them" makes the text look like you pressed the hard return {or the Enter} button, in the middle of a paragraph).

    Sorry about my technical eye picking on such a minor design fault. I am usually not so picky, and that was not so welcoming, please forgive me.

    I have found this to be a very friendly site and I am happy that you are here. Enjoy your time here.

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    Thanks! Lol, its no problem i didnt even notice the off line.
    Last edited by EvanNibbler; 14-Dec-2010 at 22:15. Reason: smiley fix xP

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    Thanks mate! Have to log out soon, so I will see you later.

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